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What is the best position to watch TV in Bed?
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What is the best position to watch TV in Bed?

We all know that good posture is a key element to look after our overall health. Whether that is taking weekly yoga classes, adjusting your at home desk height or stretching every hour, on the hour, our at home habits quickly impact our health. As we are now working from home more than usual and spending more time indoors for the foreseeable, it’s time to take a quick look at and adjust our posture for the better.

Don’t worry, you haven’t accidentally clicked on a health blog! At TVbedstore we like to make sure our customers are well looked after and want to make sure you are getting the most from your TV bed with correct form. By focusing on our daily postures, this takes into account how we sit, lie and lounge in our downtime, yes, this means how you relax in your very own TV bed. Whether you watch the news in the morning or doze off every evening streaming the latest documentary, how you sit can have a lifelong impact. Our routines can cause havoc to our necks, backs and pelvis if we’re not careful, and now, more than ever, there is no better time to take care of your health.

If you’re leisurely watching from your TV bed you are in luck, as these have all been designed with placement and posture in mind. This means no awkward angles causing you to strain or pressure your neck. Our TV beds have the TV at the foot of the bed and are raised once they are revealed. This is a smart ergonomic design for the modern home, made to work with and for you. However, it is important to choose your mattress and pillows wisely, as with most beds, to ensure you provide extra support for your skeleton! Please remember, it’s not ideal to watch TV lying flat down, ensure your neck is supported with adequate pillows to avoid any unnecessary straining.

So how exactly should you sit? Experts recommend sitting in an upright posture, leaning on the headboard (we provide cushioned options on many of our TV beds) and bending your knees. This allows you to support your spine and releases any unnecessary tension on your neck. Other recommendations include keeping moving by avoiding sitting in the same position, no matter how comfy, all day. Switch up your position and avoid staying in the same one for lengthy time periods. We recommend poses that are both comfortable and improve posture: the Sphinx pose (this shape prevents slouching) Gomukhasana (this helps open the outer hip muscles that tend to tighten after working for long hours at a desk) and Resting Shiva (this stabilizes your hips and strengthens your lower back). You can do all that, whilst watching your favourite film!

By shifting our positions we stop any stress on the postural muscles, allowing for their natural strength and flexibility to be maintained. One simple move to keep in mind, try crossing your legs, this is an easy way to engage hip and back muscles, switch it up and cross the other leg also! We hope this has offered useful posture pointers, enjoy your TV bed, and keep up the perfect form!



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