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Why a TV Bed the perfect accessory for Autumn/Winter 2020
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Why a TV Bed the perfect accessory for Autumn/Winter 2020

It’s official the Autumn season is here, the leaves are changing from verdant green to golden brown and Halloween is right around the corner! As we prepare for the upcoming colder months, more and more of us are looking to improve our homes, ready for those shorter days and longer nights spent indoors, and if you were considering a TV bed, now could be just the right time to invest.

Let’s face it, this year we’ve all unexpectedly spent more time at home than usual, so the trend for DIY and at-home projects isn’t a surprise. With the sales of garden furniture and now outdoor fire pits set to increase as we adjust for those cosy autumn nights spent at home, as we wrap up in style and lounge on our TV beds. If you are considering improving your home environment in the next few months, why not explore the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’) for helpful tips from our Danish and Norwegian neighbours as the nights draw in.

Consistently rated as the happiest people in the world, our Scandinavian counterparts know a thing or two about long winter nights and personal wellbeing. The concept of hygge is about considering your space, looking at how you interact with it and how your furniture compliments your lifestyle. A TV bed, for instance, is a prime example of a hygge concept and the perfect accessory for the winter months. From considering the textures of your duvet, connecting to the hygge principle of touch, for the winter think heavier cotton to luxurious silks, right through to the material of your bed frame. At TVBedstore we have plush velvet options and quality leather versions, all depending on your bed choice, so when your choosing you preferred TV bed, you can keep your environment in mind.

Yet hygge isn’t just for the aesthetics and surface appeal, the concept of hygge also offers a calm, thoughtful approach to design. Everything must be designed for use and to make your life as simple and easy as it can be. Our curated collection of TV beds also follow this mindset, providing everyday ease, with every design aspect thoroughly considered, including accessible USB chargers and sleek bed frames with in-built speaker systems, allowing you to lie back, wind down and enjoy your latest movie recommendation with minimal effort.
With ample storage space in all our TV beds, if used correctly (here’s looking at the kids!) can result in minimal, clutter-free bedrooms, now that’s very Scandinavian!
So this autumn-winter 2020, why not embrace the indoors in a new way and up your connectivity and comfort with a TV bed. With Hygge approved designs, think cosy film nights layered under the duvet, the return of zoom quizzes with all the family and Sunday lie-ins with the game streamed directly to you. Designed for maximum enjoyment.

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