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The top shows on NetFlix right now...
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The top shows on NetFlix right now...

As the nights draw in, we’re looking forward to getting cosy, stepping back from the day and unwinding in our TV bed. With a whole host of entertainment to choose from it can often be rather time-consuming (and overwhelming!) scrolling to find the next new series. Here at TVBedstore we’ve got your back, with our selected list of the best series streaming on Netflix – trust us, we’ve watched them all from our very own TV bed. So all you have to worry about is which snacks to choose, get under the duvet and dive right in!

Schitt’s Creek
Having swept the board at this year’s Emmys, this Canadian comedy offers plenty of laughs, providing relatable humour for all and some extra heartwarming moments. Following the once wealthy Rose family as, due to financial loss, they are forced to move to a country town they bought as a bet. Watch as they adapt to life in a motel and to a slower, different pace of life.

If you were a fan of Swedish series The Bridge, Hans Rosenfeldt has written Marcella just for you. Anna Friel is Marcella, a former London based detective who returns to work to uncover an active serial killer. Marcella herself also struggles with personal issues and violent blackouts, making this a crime combination that will keep you gripped.

The Last Dance
Don’t be fooled, this isn’t just for the sports fans. This addictive ten part documentary charts the rise of the famed Chicago Bulls and their main player Micheal Jordan. Watch for nineties throwbacks, unexpected twists and tales of relatable workplace woes. Remember Space Jam anyone?

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Following up from The Haunting of Hill House and just in time for the halloween festivities, Bly Manor is inspired by the work of Henry James, in particular his classic tale The Turn of the Screw. It’s 1898, the governess is sure the grounds where she works are haunted, stay tuned to find out the fate of the characters with plenty of frights, shocks and twists along the way.

Sometimes you have to return to a classic, and Friends will instantly transport you back to the early 2000’s, and exactly where you were watching it then. Join the familiar faces and revisit timeless plots with a sense of nostalgia. Plus, with a reunion on the way, there is no better time to revisit Central Perk.

Tuca & Bertie
An adult animated series, following two thirty year old women’s friendship and their alternate lives. One is moving in with her long term boyfriend and the other isn’t giving up her single, party lifestyle easily. Voiced by comedian Ali Wong, it’s a must for fans of Bojack Horseman.

This acclaimed series is set between London and Tokyo, where a detective travels to London to track down his missing brother, who is a member of the Yakuza. This thriller is packed with suspense, stunning scenery and a mastermind plot. A must for action lovers.

After Life
Ricky Gervais is back, as grumpy Tony coming to terms with his late wife’s death. As with all of Gervais’ projects it’s full of awkward humour as this series tackles the topic of grief, in classic British comedy fashion. Be warned, there are some tear jerking scenes, but plenty of laughs along the way.

A classic American family moves to Lake Ozark from Chicago to, you guessed it, launder money for a Mexican cartel! Not what you were expecting? Well Ozark is completely unexpectable. With an array of characters, plot twists and turns you’ll never see coming. Settle into this series and find yourself hooked in an instant.

Honorary mention: Our Planet
A must watch, in this film David Attenbourgh looks back at his lifetime adventures that have firmly established him as a legend. An in-depth look at the world we currently live in, the current environmental issues and how we, as humanity, have reached this point. Here Attenborough addresses’ how we can fix where we are at, change our habits globally and bring back the unique biodiversity of our planet. Watch for epic environmental shots with an urgent message.



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