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What Is A Smart Bed?
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What Is A Smart Bed?

The term’ Smart Bed’ is used more and more often these days. Yet what exactly makes a bed smart? And how can you tell if your bed is smart enough? As experts in TV beds, we’re here to explain all…

While the definition may vary, for us a smart bed is a connected bed. A bed that has been teamed with technology to offer you both a seamless sleep experience but also the luxury to dive into a game, sit back with the latest docu-series or settle in for a Sunday movie marathon.


This means a smart bed has it all, designed to make your life easier with the addition of one piece of bedroom furniture. This is style, technology and comfort combined. With a variety of different models and styles, we’re sure we can find a TV smart bed to suit your needs. Here we share a breakdown of what truly makes a TV Bedstore bed, smart.



Smart Bed





In our increasingly connected world, you can also stay tuned in and remain online 24/7 if you like, with a strong Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and iPad, offering a luxury work from home experience, where, dare we say it, you don’t even have to leave your own bed! From Titan to the Monaco bed, all of our smart beds have inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity. This offers an easy way to sync up all your devices and send files easily, from your desk to your bedside, you can remain in the loop at all time. Bluetooth also allows for any extras such as headphones and control pads to be added, so you can enjoy a hands-free experience with no wires.





As part of the compact deal of a smart bed, in-built speakers offer crisp, cinema-like sound without taking any extra space. With a selection of 4.1 systems, you can enjoy a premium sound experience from the comfort of your own bed. The speaker systems are also handy to play the radio or your favourite playlists and podcasts through, simply sync up with Bluetooth or wifi, crank up the volume and enjoy.




Teaming up with your speaker system, selected beds such as the Paris have an inbuilt subwoofer. This offers a wide range and depth of sound, including an integrated remote control with adjustable bass, for a truly immersive experience and sound like no other.



Of course, a smart bed must hold a screen, and all of our designs can hold a variety of screen sizes. We provide the latest TV options available, but you’re also welcome to find your own. With styles spanning up to a 43 inch TV, these easily slot and sit inside the footboard, simply reveal and switch on at the touch of a button. No clutter, no mess, creating a sleek and simple bedroom.


Charging Ports

Smart beds will keep you charged too, whilst you’re closing your eyes and getting your rest for the oncoming day, you can charge up your devices simultaneously with built-in USB points on either side of the headboard. These are practically located for your morning alarm and to keep you charged as you rest.


Smart Bed Bonus – Storage

Storage is one of the many bonuses of having a TV Bed, alongside the connectivity, high-quality sound and screen, our TV beds offer some kind of storage. From Ottoman beds, where you can have storage the full length of the bed (with a whisper-quiet mechanism) to smart, discrete compartments, perfect for storing your wifi box or games console.



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