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The 4 Most Amazing Bedroom Trends in 2022
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The 4 Most Amazing Bedroom Trends in 2022

Bedrooms are your reboot pads – a place where you can relax, retreat and most importantly, rest.


However, with so many segments to a bedroom that makes it a whole and an array of trends for every corner of the room, it can be difficult to keep up with all the upcoming upgrades.


The experts at the TV Bed Store have therefore come to the rescue. In this blog, we have created a list of the top bedroom trends 2022, which can help you with insights for your next remodelling project.


What’s more, we have quite an amazing range of TV beds that counts as a major timeless upgrade, so after you’re done reading this blog make sure you skim through our range on our website.


Let’s get started!



1. Cluttercore


bedroom trends 2022


This trend might seem like the exact opposite of what you would want in your bedroom – the cluttercore trend is all about curating maximalism.


The basic aim of this trend is to create and add loads of personality to your bedroom; the experts predict that this statement style will dominate the 2022 interior design trends.


Now to achieve this trend, all you have to do is re-purpose, store and show off your items with flair. You are allowed to go a little crazy – so incorporate clashing tones and rich and textured materials with contrasting shapes and structures to add a feeling of richness within your room.


When it comes to colours, think and express yourself through visiting eclectic colour palettes. Probably burnt orange with ocean blue with floral tones can be your go-to base.



2. Panelling


bedroom trends 2022


It is no secret that panelling has been a major bedroom interior design attraction throughout the years and it has made it to our list of bedroom trends in 2022 yet again.


This trend helps to add depth and texture to your bedrooms; it’s a timeless feature that can instantly enhance the looks of any space. This time choose to ditch the traditional headboard and install panels for a sophisticated focal point painted with neutral or bold hues.


A good quality panelling will give a sense of classic luxury to a room, something that speaks of a grand statement wall, well-kept with the trends.


This trend can very well become the part of your personality that you want to express, adding texture and bold colours behind your bed can speak volumes of how you want to portray your bedroom.



3. Biophilia


bedroom trends 2022; an indoor plant on a shelf.


The biophilic trend is all about getting close to nature, bringing the outside on the inside. We have spent a considerable amount of time at home during the past few years; this has led to biophilic interior design becoming increasingly popular in 2022.


A smart choice is to choose low maintenance indoor plants that can stay healthy in indirect sunlight.


Not only do they aesthetically enhance the overall look, but it also has health benefits. They fume oxygen in the air, making you feel fresh from the inside out.



4. Multifunctional Furniture


bedroom trends 2022


A home office is probably one of the most rising and popular bedroom trends 2022. Multifunctional furniture can become a key design element in these projects. Not only does it provide you with upgraded necessities but you also get more for your money by investing in multifunctional furniture.


Aside from office furniture, you can choose to include our TV beds that can help you relax but in style. It is also a simple space-saving solution, when paired with our efficient services, there’s nothing that can beat this product.



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