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The myths about TV Beds, explained
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The myths about TV Beds, explained

tv bed myths

In the grand scheme of things TV beds are quite new to the technology of the home. Developed over time with the best minds combining comfort, style and technology into one, as we adapt to our modern world. However, alongside 5G, new phone tech and others, there are many sceptics.

So if you were wondering about what a TV bed can do for you, and are unsure whether you have heard fact or fiction, we’re here to help clear it all up. There are three main ‘unproven facts’ we often come across, and quite frankly disagree with. We’ve rounded them up here for you, so you can decide for yourself whether a TV bed is for you and your home. We hope this helps!

TV beds are a wasted investment

When you look at all of the separate components of a TV bed they are actually quite worth the money. Combine separate surround sound, TV, storage and bed and we can guarantee that it will cost you more, and take up more space. With a wide range of options here at TV Bed Store from single bed designs to super king size, we can help you find the best bed for you and your budget. Even if you feel like the upfront cost of a TV bed is a little steep for your liking, we offer a great finance option, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase over select months.

TV beds aren’t for children

A TV bed can prove to be a bedroom addition that your children will love, so they can watch their favourite films, shows or play their games directly from their bed – the ultimate luxury! If you are worried about the effect of TV time for your little ones we would recommend imposing rules and times when they can watch, this helps set boundaries and allow your kids to view this as a little daily, weekly or weekday treat! A TV bed also provides a useful bonus with the inbuilt storage – offering a discreet and easy way to store your child’s toys, keeping a clear as possible bedroom!

TV beds are unsafe

One of the main concerns many people have when buying a TV bed is safety. This is due to the fact that technology and the wires are so close to your bed, many believe this may cause them to overheat. We can safely say this is not the case and that TV beds are safe. Even though the bed does essentially incorporate an electrical device that can be prone to heating up if left on for prolonged periods, it’s highly unlikely that it will cause any hazard for the user of your TV bed. Our TV beds have gone through rigorous tests to ensure safety, plus they are designed for practicality as well as design. Ensuring safe, harm free styles for your home.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding TV beds please feel free to get in touch with us here, or pay us a visit at our showroom, we’ll be more than happy to help!



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