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Inspired by Scandi Interiors
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Inspired by Scandi Interiors

Scandinavia has given us some of the best designs and designers in the world, from Finn Juhl to Bruno Mathsson, the list is endless. The timeless, simple and effortless appeal that runs through the scandinavian design philosophy works wonderfully in the bedroom.

Here at TV Bedstore we are huge fans of the minimalist Scandinavian design and have noted its increasing popularity over the past decade. We’re reluctant to call this a trend, as the clutter-free spaces, muted colours and natural influences are common in everyday Scandinavian interiors and have been for many years, a testament to it’s popularity!

We’re also huge fans of the Danish concept of Hygge, which focuses on the small comforts in life and your home. For instance this can be your morning cup of coffee, your latest bedsheets or your favourite series that you keep returning to. With Hygge, and in fact, all scandinavian design, every detail is effortlessly considered. Meaning if you are looking to update your home, there is no better place to reference. Scandianvian design has quite simply stood the test of time. Taking inspiration from our favourite scandi pointers, here’s how you can easily and effectively upgrade your bedroom to a scandinavian haven…

Colour scheme:

Clean and crisp, Scandinavian design encompasses both light and dark. When we think of minimalism we tend to think of white walls, however, this can be accented with black, navy, beige and warmer creams. These muted tones create a calm, coordinated backdrop for you to rest in, as long as you make sure it’s clutter-free! If you want to add a pop of colour, pick a bold hue, bright yellow or poppy red to add a highlight, that brings the eye to focus. This can be a colourful artwork or accent chair, simply pick one and commit to it.
All of our TV Beds and furniture are available in Scandinavian approved colours, such as grey, white, navy and black, explore our range here.

Bring the outside, inside:

A key point in scandinavian design, this means natural woods, flowers and plants. Not only do plants and blooms add colour to your space, they oxygenate and scent your bedroom too. Natural woods and stone can ground us, keeping us connected to nature, even while we are inside our homes.


Repeat the natural focus and aim for materials such as organic cotton, wool, linen and silk to add texture to your bedroom. These materials are much better for the environment, long-lasting and even promote better sleep hygiene that their synthetic counterparts.


An important part of every bedroom design, ensure you get plenty of natural sunlight as possible. If large, open windows are not an option consider well placed, mood lighting. Candles are often a Hygge go to and are great in the winter. Fairy lights or table and floor lamps all add a design aspect to your room and offer the perfect solution to brightening a certain corner or space.



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