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Five ideas for freshening up your bedroom for spring
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Five ideas for freshening up your bedroom for spring

A spring refresh does wonders for your physical and mental space. Having a clean home, bedroom included, welcomes the new season, a time for new beginnings to leave the long dark winter behind. This year, as we have spent so much time in our homes, our spring cleaning has gone a little further, with a spring upgrade. With DIY projects and home improvements, adjusting your space, whether big or small, can offer a fresh new perspective. From injecting mood-boosting colours to a furniture upgrade, we’ve listed our top five, easy yet beneficial updates that will refresh your bedroom in an instant!

Colours & textures

Replace dark, heavy winter textiles with lighter options. Opt for linen and soft organic cottons over wool and fleece. A simple way to swap this is with your bedding, or invest in a new throw to add a new layer to your sleeping set up. A bedding refresh also offers a great chance to add colour, from pop brights of yellow, orange and red to subtle pastels of light blue, mint and lilac. Pick your colours and patterns and inject some new vibrance into your space. We also recommend a statement vase for this, or a new art print to hang on your wall. Bonus tip, if you have extra time on your hands, grab your paints and a canvas and find your inner Picasso!


Light a new scented candle or aromatherapy oil to shift the smell of your room. Rosemary or lemon, offer a fresh, alert scent or opt for lavender or clary sage for a soothing, sleep-enhancing smell.

TV Bed

A TV bed adds a whole new element to your room. We’re obviously huge fans of them here (it’s what we do) but we believe in them for a myriad of reasons. You’ll have extra storage space, which is extremely useful in the bedroom to avoid any clutter, you can stay charged and connected with wifi plus Bluetooth connections. Finally, you can lie back, relax and enjoy the latest film, series or game live and direct to your bed. All the comfort and quality of the cinema, plus you can stay in your pyjamas.

Invest in new plants

Refresh your air with some new plant additions, Not only do bedroom plants have many health benefits, such as reducing stress levels and boosting productivity, they also add a bright, uplifting energy. Why not try a snake plant, which is proven to filter air during the day and night (proven by NASA). English Ivy is known to help allergy symptoms and clear our air of mould or opt for a rubber plant which removes harmful chemicals from the air. Proving plants not only look wonderful, but they are also a much-needed addition to our homes.

Switch up your lighting

A small upgrade with a big impact, simply invest in some new lampshades or bulbs to change the lighting in your room in the evening. This will give your room a completely new mood, allowing you to see your bedroom with a new perspective.



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