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Smart Furniture - a look into the future
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Smart Furniture - a look into the future

As technology evolves so does our furniture. Here at TVBedstore we are huge fans of the smart home, synching both your lives online and in real life for the better. This could be managing your heating though your phone no matter where you are in the world, to being able to dictate an email from the comfort of your bed, with technological advances the possibilities are endless.

As we’re now in 2021, embracing the rise of 5G and foldable LED screens, we took a quick glimpse into the future trends we will be seeing in the next few years, allowing you, and us, to make our homes smarter…

The smart office desk

With the shift to working from home, it looks like most of our professional life in the future will lean towards a flexible working set up. This means, while you may still go into the office, you may be able to work from home when you like or if needed, depending on the company of course. The desks of the future will come with wireless charging, in-built USB ports and AUX cords. Foldable screens, keyboards and even bluetooth will be designed to work with and discreetly blend into your desk. It’s the workspace of the future!

Connected sofas

With cleverly designed sofas, future chairs and sofa sets will resemble that of a TV bed. Taking similar features such as USB ports for charging – these will be on armrests, whereas they are now available in the headboard of our TV beds. You will also be able to access your apps, internet and of course control your tv through your sofa, which means, no more losing the remote! Sofas will be designed for a minimal, clutter-free home, ones we particularly like at TV Bedstore! With secret storage compartments in the arms and underneath, enough to rival our ottoman storage, nearly!

Bedside furniture

For sleek, minimalist design the furniture styles of the future will include in-built lights, to save on space. Leaving your bedside table free from clutter. This design thinking is not unlike our chest of drawers, currently available with discreet USB points so you can charge your phone battery and laptop while you sleep. Keeping you both charged up for the day ahead.

TV Beds of course! TV beds aren’t going anywhere, the technology will just improve. Screens will become sharper and the in-built speaker systems will offer cinematic quality – if not better! Due to their connectivity, smart beds will have the technology to track and improve our sleep patterns. This will be as similar to your Apple Watch or Fitbit by monitoring breathing, heart rate, controlling temperatures, and even responding in real-time during sleep for more or less body support. You will be able to sync this information up to your devices, giving us even more information on our health, bodies and general sleep hygiene.



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