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What is the best TV bed?
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What is the best TV bed?

When you are searching for a new bed we realise reviews and recommendations are important to your decision making process. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your new bed comes with approval. Here at TVBedstore all of our beds come with high reviews, and are tried and tested by our team. So how do you decide?

We think the best TV bed is one which suits all of your requirements, whether you are looking for a single size media bed for your teenager, or a king-size, full cinematic experience, it really is down to your needs. Here at TV Bedstore, we want more people to experience an at-home, technology advanced bed, as we wholeheartedly believe they provide a new form of enjoyment in the home. Yet that’s not also all they provide, with extra storage space and built-in life hacks (a USB charging port discreetly in your headboard anyone?) a TV bed can revolutionise your day to day living.

Beyond aesthetics, here are the main features to consider when you are choosing your TV bed from us here at TV Bedstore. Plus don’t forget were on hand to offer any advice online, over the phone or in person – visit us at our showroom which has now reopened!

Do you need extra storage?

If so our Ottoman TV beds are for you. They offer full storage underneath your bed and easy access. With a quiet lift system, you can easily access underneath, and hide away any unnecessary clutter. These styles are also great if you are looking for space saving and space management, if you want to design your bedroom around your bed, or if you simply need more storage in your home. The Ottoman is a handy, very useful feature to have.

Do you want a premium TV/gaming experience?

If you are looking for the full plugged-in experience, bringing the latest technology right to your bedside our TV beds are perfect. We have many designs where comfort and connectivity combine, bringing you the best of both worlds. We have beds with built-in headphone sockets, such as The Titan, great for pro gamers. Our built-in surround sound systems will also add to the experience, inbuilt subwoofers enhance the sound for a truly immersive experience, all from the comfort of your own bed.

In general, if we had to choose we would say that the Annecy is the best all-rounder and one of our most popular designs. Giving you the best of both our media and storage beds combined. This sleek, compact design is created for modern living. With combined extra storage space and an in-built high-quality surround sound system into the Annecy bed frame, it’s a win-win!

Browse, explore and discover our range of TV Beds here, we’ll guarantee you can find just the bed for you!



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