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A focus on Velvet
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A focus on Velvet

Plush and textured, a velvet bed adds an instant luxury appeal to any bedroom. Providing warmth and depth of tone, this fabric offers practical elegance for your night to day slumber. We’re huge fans of crushed velvet here at TV Bedstore, so much so we selected some of our most popular styles in the fabric.

A velvet bed can provide a real centerpiece for your bedroom, and despite it’s rich, high quality texture, it’s not hard to upkeep. This soft, classic fabric is more durable than you think, perfect for media beds with longevity. Thinking about a velvet TV bed? We’re here to give you a run down of our most-loved velvet styles, to help you make that important final decision.

The Paris

Available in a dark blue velvet, The Paris is a triple threat of bed design. An exclusive style to TV Bedstore, the Paris combines style, technology and storage in one. With a built-in 4.1 surround sound system, offering crystal clear sound quality enhanced by a discreet subwoofer. In an appealing dark blue tone, this design is enhanced with a quilted velvet headboard, for extra interior appeal. As with all our TV beds, the Paris was designed with storage in mind, with an easy lift ottoman base, simply lift and store your clutter under the bed, leaving guests and you to focus on the plush velvet design.

The Lyon

This eye-catching crushed silver velvet style is a true show stopper. The Lyon provides the perfect balance of elegance and effortless modern living. With subtle USB chargers, and integrated remote control and full Bluetooth connectivity, you won’t have to worry about a thing, you can remain connected and charged at all times. This neat style remains compact with the TV in the foot of the bed, and ottoman storage, allowing you to keep your clutter in order. So you can focus on the unparalleled appeal of your velvet TV bed, lie back, switch on Netflix and lounge in true style.

The Lyon, the best luxury media bed on the market right now

Velvet care tips:

We recommend keeping your velvet TV bed in the best condition possible by brushing the fabric weekly, in the direction of the pile. This ensures it remains strong, keeps the quality and looks at it’s best. To clean, we recommend gently steaming your bed with a useful hand steamer. Incase of any spills, blot the surface with a dry cloth, taking care to avoid rubbing and putting pressure on the fabric which may cause damage to the pile. Leave your velvet TV bed to air dry, or use a hand dryer on a low heat. Also when you are free, we recommend giving your velvet TV bed a brush to keep it looking at it’s best, plus it’s somewhat therapeutic!

If you have any more questions on our velvet styles please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help and even offer the occasional interior design tips!



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