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Celebrating National Bed Month
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Celebrating National Bed Month

Did you know that March is National Bed Month? That’s right, this month is dedicated to placing a whole focus on your bed, your sleep and your bedroom, because sleep is one of the most important factors for our health. Here at TV Bedstore, we value this and selec our beds with your comfort and health in mind. For us, every month is bed month!

This March Bed Month we’re placing focus on how you feel. That’s how you feel when you sleep, when you relax and unwind for the day to how you feel when you wake up (which should be refreshed and rested). It goes without saying that the past year has been stressful for us all in many ways, with rises in sleep disturbances caused by anxiety and panic due to the global pandemic. Here at TV Bedstore we believe now is the time to focus on your sleep habits and how they can be improved, to benefit both your wellbeing and mental health.

Let’s look at the main components of your bed and sleep:

Your Mattress

If you find you regularly wake during the night or you wake up with joint or muscle stiffness this is a sign your mattress isn’t performing well for you and inhibiting you from getting a full night of restful sleep. As a general rule, mattresses should be replaced every six to eight years. However this also depends on how often your mattress is used, the quality of your mattress and how you look after it. A key sign you need a new mattress is if you sleep better in hotels or at other peoples houses. If you are thinking about replacing your mattress, we recommend acting fast so you avoid any new aches and pains when you wake! Find out more.

Your Bed Frame & Environment

Make your bed frame work harder, our TV Beds offer clever, considered storage to keep your clutter at bay, with whisper-quiet Ottoman storage providing the perfect easy clean option. Most of our designs also come with built in bluetooth and USB chargers, keeping you connected and charged even while you sleep. As well as serving practical purposes, this also offers peace of mind, allowing you to sleep without any extra troubles. A tidy room makes for a tidy mind, and you can be sure anyone will be able to reach you in an emergency.

Your Sleep Hygiene

If you’re having trouble dropping off or staying asleep, it can impact your next day and beyond. If this is a regular occurrence, we recommend focusing on your sleep routines, and your TV Bed can help. With millions of playlists designed to encourage sleep and options out there, from AMSR to sleep-inducing storytelling podcasts. It’s important to try out, even build your own playlist to find the best option for you. Select tonight’s option and let the in-built surround sound system of your TV bed gently allow you to drift off…

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