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A focus on technology
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A focus on technology

An outstanding quality of our TV beds is their unique combination of style, comfort and technology, which we are extremely proud of. With the latest tech, our range offers a smart addition to your bedroom, providing both connectivity and cinematic sound, keeping you plugged in, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and sink into a deep sleep…

As technology advances, so do our TV beds and we can guarantee that we are always looking at what’s next for the TV Bed, (explore our future predictions here Here’s a rundown of our favourite technological additions available right now, from surround sound perfect for movie marathons to a quiet storage system, read on to find out more…

USB ports

A smart technology hack, all of our TV beds have additional USB ports. These are usually discreetly placed on the side of the headboard so they blend into the design perfectly. These slick USB ports allow you to connect your portable devices directly to your TV Bed, this means charging your mobile phone over night, ensuring you both wake up at 100%.


These are an important addition to your TV bed as most home audio systems are unable to reproduce all the frequencies your tv, computer or games console sends to them, in short, what your audio needs for better sound. A subwoofer enables you to access the full range of sounds from your film or game, adding a new depth and quality to the sound. Watching a film through your TV bed with a subwoofer a close experience to having a cinema in your home. Get the popcorn ready.


With an in-built Bluetooth connection, you can remain in touch with the wider world while you rest. Be it family zoom calls on a Sunday to receiving an instant notification in an emergency. Bluetooth also allows you to connect and sync all your devices with effortless ease.

Ottoman system

The ottoman storage system not only offers spacious storage beneath its base, it also offers a ‘whisper-quiet’ lift. Your mattress will lift up effortlessly and quietly, allowing you to store any extra pillows and bedding, or general household clutter under your bed. Some of our styles also include a built-in shelf for equipment like your games console or DVD player, ensuring all wires are hidden, for a slick and neat aesthetic.


Integral to a TV bed, ideally, you want a bed with surround sound speakers to offer a high quality experience. Surround sound speakers leverage your latest playlist or documentary to allow you to become fully immersed in the soundtrack. Watch your favourite action-packed film with your TV bed surround sound system, and trust us, you’ll notice new sounds you’ve never heard before!



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