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What Is The Best Position To Watch TV In Bed?

What Is The Best Position To Watch TV In Bed?

As you settle into the latest Netflix series, start your Sunday movie marathon or log in to a global family video call your comfort is key. That’s why TV beds are designed to give you enough space to stretch out and relax whilst also providing a backrest for support.


We’re aware that during the pandemic we’ve all been spending more time at home than usual, working from home and relaxing in the same space. Due to this our postures have suffered. From slouching at our desk or bending over to scroll through screens, now more than ever is the time to review your posture – yes, even as you watch TV!

As you know how you sit throughout the day can have a lifelong impact. Our routines can cause lifelong issues with our necks, backs and pelvis if we’re not careful, and now, more than ever, there is no better time to take care of your health.


If you are watching TV in bed without a TV Bed then this already may cause issues. Think about the placement of your screen, whether it is a tablet, laptop or even phone. We recommend ensuring this meets your eye line so you are not stretching or bending your neck awkwardly. Whilst you may not feel this right away, it can result in tense, stiff shoulders further down the line. Our TV beds handily have the TV at the foot of the bed and are raised once they are revealed. This is a smart ergonomic design for the modern home, made to work with and for you, so you avoid any awkward craning or placement adding pressure on your spine.



Keep supported


Choose your mattress and pillows wisely, as with most beds, to ensure you provide extra support for your skeleton. Please remember, it’s not ideal to watch TV lying flat down, ensure your neck is supported with adequate pillows to avoid any unnecessary straining. This is where our TV bed headboards come in useful. With quilted or regular styles these provide support and avoid any pillows slipping.



How to avoid backache when sitting for a long period of time?


Experts recommend sitting in an upright posture, leaning on the headboard (we provide cushioned options on many of our TV beds) and bending your knees. This supports your spine and releases any unnecessary tension on your neck. Also, keep switching up your poses, especially important if you are settling in for a long viewing session on a rainy Sunday. We recommend poses that are both comfortable and improve posture, look up some yoga seating postures. Some are more comfortable than they look, plus they offer extra bonus support. You can do all that, whilst watching your favourite film, it’s a two in one!



Have a break, have a walk


Other recommendations include keeping moving by avoiding sitting in the same position, no matter how comfy, all day. Take a few breaks in between your screening sessions by going to get water or heading out for a light stroll. By shifting our positions we stop any stress on the postural muscles, allowing for their natural strength and flexibility to be maintained over time. Stay supported and stay mindful, sit back and relax.



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