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TV Bed With Storage

TV Bed With Storage

Are you looking for a TV bed with storage? TV beds provide extra comfort when watching TV in bed and also come with convenient places to store bulk items such as duvets and towels. These space-saving features make TV beds perfect for small bedrooms like flats and studio apartments or if storage is an issue in your house.


A TV bed with a storage system is a great way to really get the best of both worlds. Firstly a TV bed helps you enjoy watching your favourite movie or TV show from the comfort of your own bed, as well as being able to watch TV without disturbing your sleep partner (BlueTooth is standard on many of our TV beds with storage).


Secondly, the storage system in our TV Beds with storage comes with many benefits; TV beds come in a variety of sizes, whether you need a TV bed that’s big enough to fit your king-size mattress (with built-in TV) or just one large drawer, we have a great selection to match your need.


Until relatively recently you often had to choose between state-of-the-art technology or practicality. Not any longer — TV beds have bridged the gap between TV and bed to create a TV that’s actually part of your bedroom furniture.


The TV Bedstore have been selling TV Beds for a decade, so you can be sure we know what it takes to make a comfortable TV bed with the storage system. We only use quality materials in the creation of our all of our TV beds and they are designed and built with comfort, style and technology always at the front of our minds.


One of our best-selling TV beds with storage is the Lyon. And, when you take a look at the features you’ll understand why. You can read the full tech spec here but, in short this TV Bed with storage comes with all the whistles and bells inclduing a gas lift ottoman system for full under bed storage, it holds up to a 43″ TV, surround sound speakers as well as BlueTooth connectivity for all your smart devices. As you can see it doesn’t look too shabby either!



Ottoman TV Bed


If you have any questions about the Lyon or any of our TV beds, please feel free to get in touch or come and visit us in our state-of-the art showroom. We’re just over the road from the Trafford centre so why not swing by and say hi?




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