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The Best Box Sets For Rainy Days

The Best Box Sets For Rainy Days

One day it’s clear skies followed by a day of rain, that’s right we’re talking about the great British summer! Whilst we are hoping you are outside soaking up the sun on the warmer days, we’re here to help with your entertainment on the damper ones. We’ve rounded up the best box sets to get stuck into, simply pick one of these classics and lie back in your extreme comfort TV bed.

Twin Peaks

First up a cult classic, if you haven’t watched Twin Peaks by now, it’s your time. This quirky, beautifully shot murder mystery by David Lynch offers a serial noir escape. With a recognisable A-list cast, (before they made the big time) sit back and enjoy as Lynch pushes the boundaries of TV drama in a way that still feels fresh and proves influential to this day.



Peaky Blinders

A gangster drama set in the midlands? Sign us up. Peaky blinders lives up to its hype, following the twists and turns of rival families as they navigate post-war crime and all it involves. Starring Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory at their best. It’s so good, it will have you searching into real-life similar stories.



Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Travel to the far-flung corners of the world direct from your TV bed with everyone’s favourite TV chef. More of a travel show centred around food, each episode focuses on a specific country or city with the dishes and people that make it so unique. From learning about light traditions in Indonesia to sharing a scotch egg with Nigella in London Bourdain’s pursuits are far from boring. Peppered with historical and political knowledge, for a full 40 minutes you are invited to become immersed in the unique culture and pastimes, presented in a truly gripping way, a way that only Bourdain can.


Mad Men

Delve into this seven-season run of this sixties set advertising drama. With a stellar cast, strong wardrobes and slick set design, there’s a reason why Mad Men is always top of the list. We can guarantee you will be gripped from the first season.




Be warned, this isn’t a feel-good story, as this HBO spectacular offers a compelling and absorbing reenactment of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Expertly acted, the cast show the intensity when the power station’s reactor exploded, spewing tons of radioactive material into the atmosphere and the aftermath with such skill, it’s hard to not feel involved. Witness how the horrific drama unfolded, not only for those in the surrounding town but also globally as political figures grappled with this radioactive disaster.



Line of Duty

Delve into this gripping, tense BBC drama focusing on the police force and the hidden corruption within. AC12 exposes anti-corruption and they seem to find it everywhere expected and otherwise within their own force. With plotlines that will keep you on the edge of your TV bed, think you know who H is? Think again! The writing gets better season after season, it’s 100% well worth a watch.



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