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How You Can Watch TV In Bed Without Disturbing Your Partner

How You Can Watch TV In Bed Without Disturbing Your Partner

We don’t all have the same taste in TV or films as our partners do we? But if you want to binge-watch ‘Friends’ or re-watch ‘Band of Brothers’ when you’re in bed, your partner might not appreciate the entertainment as much as you. So how can you watch TV in bed without disturbing your partner? Read on to get our top tips…



Tone down the brightness


There are a lot of ways to compromise with your partner about the brightness and sound coming from your TV. If you’re just concerned about light, turn it down enough so that they can sleep without being disturbed by any extra lights or reflections on their face. Alternatively, if noise is more important than bright lights for them – ask them to try sleeping with earplugs instead! Lastly – both partners should take some responsibility: yours could wear an eye mask while theirs adjusts their position slightly further away near the window (if possible).



Get some wireless headphones


If you and your partner can’t agree on what to watch, consider using wireless headphones with a smart TV. Simply pair the device with Bluetooth capabilities in order to listen from across the room while having complete control over volume levels for individual users. Once they are ready for bed at night, turn off their programs via remote or application controls and place them next to each other before falling asleep together.



Set a timer


If you plan on watching TV in bed before going to sleep, don’t forget your sleep timer. This is perfect for those who fall asleep during a program and leave the television blaring all night long. If your partner wakes up only to see that you fell asleep with the tv still playing loudly, this trick will be useful! To set it yourself simply choose 30 or 60 minutes depending on how tired you are at work then press save – easy as pie!



TV Bed



Get a TV Bed, of course!


If you want to be able to watch TV via Bluetooth headphones in supreme comfort the best way to do this is to invest in a TV bed. As a nation, we are installing more and more TV’s in not just bedrooms but kitchens and even bathrooms. So if you want to give you and your partner a great sleep but also state-of-the-art entertainment invest in a TV Bed. View our range here today!



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