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How To Watch TV In Bed Comfortably

How To Watch TV In Bed Comfortably

Watching TV in bed is a pastime that many people love to do. However, it can be difficult and uncomfortable if you don’t have the right equipment. We’re going to help you figure out how much your TV should stand from the ground and what level it needs to be on so that you can watch comfortably while lying down.


Pain expert (Dr Norman Marcus from the Marcus Paint Institute) says that when you’re watching TV in bed you should watch TV in an upright position, rather than lying down. Why is this? Because when you’re lying down you could be straining your neck when watching the television in bed.


The position of the TV is also very important. Your television should be directly in front of you and not at an angle. It should be at eye level, this helps your neck avoid strain. You’ll also want the television in bed to sit on its own stand or if possible mounted onto the wall so that it doesn’t move while watching TV in bed.


If you do want to watch TV comfortably while lying down. The television stand needs to be sturdy and not wobble around when watching TV in bed or it will make your viewing experience uncomfortable. You’ll want the television set itself to sit directly on its own stand, which means that there won’t be any wobbling. The secret should also be not to spend too long watching TV in bed whilst lying down horizontally so limit your time watching TV in bed to around half an hour to an hour.


A TV bed is a great way to watch TV in bed comfortably. There are many reasons why you should invest in one; first and foremost they’re comfortable because there isn’t too much strain on your neck when watching television lying down. The screen also comes out of your footboard which means your line of sight will be horizontal and you can adjust to your perfect eye level.


If you are considering purchasing a TV bed why not check out our luxury state-of-the-art media bed The Paris. The Paris TV bed really does have it all. Full under bed storage? Check. 4.1 Surround sound? Check. A bed that would be at home in an upmarket boutique hotel also check.


We have an extensive range of TV beds to suit every taste and budget. Please feel free to get in touch with any of our TV Bed experts to discuss your requirements. Also, feel free to come and visit us in our Covid secure showroom.





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