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Bed With Built-In TV

Bed With Built-In TV

What is the ultimate bed with built-in TV? Is a question we often get asked and, the answer was “it depends”. We say was because a few years ago some compromises would have needed to have been made. And this compromise was often the choice between tech, style and practicality. So, if you had asked us in 2019, say, what the ultimate bed with built-in TV was we would have said go for the Kaydian Titan. Padded headboards, subwoofers and surround sound this bed packed (and still does pack) a real punch. Updated in 2020 the Titan 2 is still a statement media bed, and we’re proud to stock it.



Titan TV Bed



The problem with The Titan was (and still is) that it lacks storage. You see it’s only recently that the technology and production facilities used in the manufacture of TV Beds have enabled us (and yes, we think we’re the only people in the market supplying this kind of innovative product) to marry the high-tech and practical. So, what have we created? Well, we think we have developed the best bed with built-in TV you can buy on the market right now. Its name? The Monaco.



Monaco TV Bed



We called it The Monaco because the Southern French resort is the epitome of luxury. And, in Monaco, if you can get it all, just like our Monaco. So what does this luxury bed with built-in TV come with? State of the art sound system and surround are as standard. As are the subwoofers as are the USB ports and directional footboard speakers. So far so high tech. The difference? This bed comes with full under bed storage. No longer does the practical have to be the enemy of the tech. The Monaco TV Bed really is the perfect marriage of comfort, style and technology. What’s more, we’re convinced you won’t find a better TV Bed for the money anywhere on the market.


If you would like to know more about The Monaco or any of our beds with built-in TV’s please feel free to get in touch or come and visit us in our COVID secure, state-of-the-art showroom. We’re just a five-minute drive from The Trafford centre.





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