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A Focus On Poppy Grey

A Focus On Poppy Grey

As you know, here at TV Bedstore we are keen fans of keeping up with the latest interior trends, with one eye on technology and the other on style at all times. We believe a home refresh offers a new perspective on your space. Whether you choose to paint your room a whole new colour, add a bold different print or even update your bedding, a simple addition can instantly lift a room and your mood.



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Looking forward to 2022, we’re focusing on the trends around colour. The colour experts Pantone have just released their selected colours for the upcoming year, allowing us to gauge how our interiors will be looking this time next year. A delightful rainbow selection that reflects the current global mood and popular interior trends as we look ahead to a brand new year. From light airy popcorn hues to supersonic blue, these cheerful colours are complimented with coffee quartz brown and clean white alyssum, the perfect canvas to blend and pair colours in your home for an exciting upgrade.

The team at Pantone worked with the theme of ‘complement and contrast’, building a palette that inspires playful creativity and unconstrained expression as we step into 2022, crafted in a response to the worldwide restrictions we’ve all seen.

A colour we have noticed that is regularly on the Pantone roundups is grey, in all manner of hues. Grey is a constant on the trend reports and has been one of the most popular home decorating shades over the last decade. Today we’re focusing on the Poppy colour, a popular grey that is a classic due to its versatility. Pair with lighter, brighter colours for a balanced contrast or darker tones, grey truly works in any room, with any decor.


Striking the cord between classic and contemporary, we are proud that most of our TV beds come in grey, in particular the right on-trend Poppy Seed Grey. A silent colour that offers stability, Poppy Seed grey contains timeless familiarity while still feeling fresh, what better colour to choose your TV bed in?



How To Style Your Grey TV Bed:


Play with patterns, this could be a graphic print on your bed sheets or a framed piece of artwork. Whether you opt for other colours or simply multiple shades of grey, it adds a whole new interior appeal to your bed.

You can also add different textures, from the soft organic cotton and light natural linens that work well during the summer months, to heavier fleece fabrics for winter. Cosy down and settle under your chosen bedding to enjoy your latest TV series, at the touch of a button.

Explore our latest TV bed and furniture arrivals here, and if you are looking for more grey inspiration explore our detailed breakdown of our grey styles here.



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