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You don't need to be a footballer to afford a TV Bed

You don't need to be a footballer to afford a TV Bed

The premier league returns this week and, a bit like Love Island, watching football, in bed or otherwise, might be great for one sleep partner, and not so great for the other! But you don’t need to earn a footballers salary to live a bit like a premier league footballer; especially when it comes to the bedroom. And we don’t mean a WAG, we mean a TV Bed, of course!

We think that a TV Bed is probably one of the best places to watch football, OK, so it’s not as good as watching the match at The Etihad, but it comes a close second! Why I hear you ask? Because TV beds are not simply a bed with a television in them, they are a full multimedia unit. That’s right, think of your media unit in your living room (subwoofers, speakers) and then think that all of that tech installed in your bed. What’s not to like about that?

So, if you want to hear the roar of the crowd, a 2.1 surround sound system should have you covered. If you want to hear the thud of a boot on leather then a subwoofer should have your back. So, all of this tech will come at a premier league price then, right? Wrong. You see we have spent the last year investing our time and money in creating what we think is the best multi-media bed on the market, our very own Annecy. The Annecy comes in a double, King or Super King Size and it also comes dripping with tech and fancy features that will keep the football fan, tech head and space-saving partner in the relationship very happy!

You see, as well as all of the tech, like Bluetooth, integrated USB charging points, speakers and the subwoofers, The Annecy also has full under bed storage. Powered by an innovative gas lift system this bed really has it all. Storage – check. All the features you could want? Check. A price you can’t beat? Check. So Sergio, if you want one, we’re just down the road!

And, just to remind you, Sergio’s money isn’t required to buy this amazing bed. If you want a king-size TV bed with speakers or a super king-size TV bed with storage but actually want both, you don’t have to compromise. If you’re thinking about TV Bed, think TV Bed Store.



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