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Interior Design Trends for 2021
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Interior Design Trends for 2021

Let’s face it, we’re all spending more time at home than usual for the obvious reasons, and with extra time on our hands, it seems many of us are embracing and welcoming this newfound space in many different ways. DIY, for example, has become a popular hobby, with nearly two fifths of us embarking on a new project or simply picking up on a job that is overdue. Whether you’re revamping a room or shifting what you already have, there is no time like now for an interior refresh.

With this in mind, we looked at the emerging interior design trends for the upcoming year, to keep you ahead, inspire your room renovation or to offer simple tricks and tips on how you can update your bedroom with new energy. We’ve highlighted the top renovation trends below, for when you are not relaxing and enjoying your TV bed that is…

First up, we’re looking at the colours for 2021, A.I. Aqua was officially named the colour of the year by WGSN, inspired by the rise of 5G technology and the integration of new tech in our lives – an idea which we are fully behind at TVbedstore! This positive hue follows on from the Neo Mint trend of 2020 and offers a fresh yet harmonious tone for interiors. Whether you’re painting your walls or investing in new bedding, this aqua colourway works well with dark greys, white and black bed frames, all of which we offer with most of our TV beds. Add a pop of aqua for an instant energy lift when you wake up in the morning or combine with your current colour scheme with a bold, aqua poster.

Upholstered headboards
Regarding bed design, sophisticated backrests are back (pun intended) in full force. With considered, cushioned fabrics replacing the standard hard wooden headboards of previous seasons. The good news is we offer headboards with most of our TV beds, The Paris for instance, offers a full quilted headboard, for the ultimate in lounging luxury, So prop up those pillows in style and get lost in the latest docu-series.

Not a new addition yet this trend is here to stay, inspired by Scandinavian design principles. We’re talking minimal clutter, clean lines and a fresh soothing palette of soft colours for your bedroom. Keep unnecessary additions to a minimum, and for this our TV beds are ideal. All of our TV beds come with in-built storage and in muted colour palettes, making this trend an easy win. Whether the TV is located in the foot of the bed or our extra compartments for games consoles, you can keep your bedroom minimal, with minimal effort.

Natural elements
As the nights draw in, a trend you can embrace right now is incorporating natural fabrics and components in your bedroom. This could be in the form of fresh linens, silks and cottons, to the addition of raffia rugs. Plants are a welcome addition to any home, they oxygenate your room in an instant and provide a connection to the natural world. If you still find yourself looking for more inside projects, we recommend growing your own.



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