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What size of TV can I use in a TV Bed?
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What size of TV can I use in a TV Bed?

Here at TVbedstore, our goal is to cater to you, by finding your ideal multimedia bed and providing a space for rest and relaxation within your home. Nothing gives us great pleasure such as seeing our customers find exactly what they are looking for and more.
Yet, we do realise that everyone has different needs to the other, from small families who are looking for cosy movie nights to top-level gamers who aim to be connected 24/7. It’s with this in mind that we create our collection, curated to offer a wide range of TV beds, from the Valencia, a compact single style, to the ever-popular Annecy, a super king-size multimedia bed.

Today, we’re going to discuss the TV aspect of the TV beds, a key factor alongside design, comfort and connectivity. With a vast range of TV’s on the market, and sizes for every need, just how exactly do you decide? First off, all of our beds come without a TV, allowing you the freedom, where you can already plug in your favourite pre-owned screen or take our advice, we are on hand to offer our tips on which would be the best TV for you. We’ve done our research, and are constantly keeping up with the latest in home entertainment technology, (you can explore what we think 2021 has in store here).

Whilst the TV is an optional addition, we do still supply 32 inch, 40 inch and even 42/43 inch TV’s from our preferred manufacturers Samsung and LG. These are smart LED models, with the latest screen and streaming technology, we can guarantee you won’t find a better price elsewhere.

How should I choose my TV?

The main factor when choosing a TV for your bed is to remember the distance. Think about it, when you are lying back relaxing in your bed, you are never going to be further than six feet away from the screen. So here it all comes down to personal preference, due to eyesight and how you feel most comfortable. At TVbedstore we always recommend 43 inches, (naturally the biggest is best, for premium film watching!) We find this the perfect size for a full multimedia experience, the luxury of a wide, large screen that doesn’t feel too overwhelming. When teamed with an in-built surround sound system, we can guarantee an at-home, cinema-like experience.

Secondly, cost is always a factor, and the bigger the screen, the more it is going to set you back. We stand by the fact that you can still enjoy a supreme viewing experience with smaller 32 inch displays, and we have selected the best LED models on the current market. With all of our beds we have looked at the placement and the 32” still perfectly slots in, at the right angle, for your enjoyment. Perfect for streaming the latest docu-series and the click of the remote.

If you have any questions regarding TV’s and TV beds in general, we are more than happy to help. Please do get in touch with our team here.



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