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2020 Update — Your questions about TV Beds answered
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2020 Update — Your questions about TV Beds answered

Our FAQ’s page is popular, and it’s no surprise. A TV Bed is a big purchase and, just like any hefty purchase you want to do your research first. So we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of some of the most common questions asked around the purchase of a TV Bed.

Do TV’s bed come with a TV?

Your bed can come with a TV but it’s up to you, please don’t feel like you need to buy a brand new TV from us in order for you to enjoy your brand new TV Bed. The TV’s we sell tend to be LG Smart TV’s as we have found they work best both in terms of fit into your bed but also the quality of the television itself.

How do TV beds work?

We did an extensive piece on this question a couple of years ago here. However, it’s worth adding to this that as many of the beds we now sell are Ottoman beds, is that they are operated through a gas lift system which works at the touch of a button.

Are TV Beds safe?

We work with manufacturers who produce goods to the highest ethical and safety standards available. In terms of if the beds themselves are safe, they should pose no more of a risk than a standard bed, or TV for that matter! Of course you should always be mindful around naked flames, just like any other item of furniture.

What size TV fits in a TV Bed?

Please check the product description of each bed as they do vary from model to model. As a rule of thumb a 32″ will fit all TV Beds and the most common TV size we now sell with our beds is 43″. But, again please refer to individual model sizes to avoid disappointment or buying a TV that is just too big (or maybe even too small) for the bed you want.

How can I hide a TV in a bedroom?

With a TV bed of course! This is one of the reasons TV Beds exists. A TV Bed really is the most elegant and sophisticated way to hide a TV in your bedroom.

Can I assemble a TV bed by myself?

Due to the global pandemic and the rules around social distancing our assembly service may not be available from time to time. Our TV beds are easy to assemble but we would always recommend that you try putting it together with someone else.

If you have any other questions, please do feel free to get in touch!



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