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Why grey is the new black in the bedroom

Why grey is the new black in the bedroom

We’ve been a little busy here at the TV Bed Store recently. Maybe it’s because we have the biggest selection of luxury TV Beds in the UK? Or maybe it’s because we have an unwavering commitment to customer services? For whatever reason, we seem to be becoming the number 1 place to buy a TV Bed in the UK right now. So we thought which models and colours seem to be flying off the metaphorical shelves in our warehouse right now and we can tell you right now that grey seems to be the frontrunner…

Grey is popular, we think because the neutral hue goes so well with so many different colours. If your walls are white, grey complements it. Or if your walls are a brighter hue grey will work with that too. In fact, we can’t think of another colour that grey wouldn’t work with. Anyway, back to the beds…First up in the ever popular Avalon. This bed, produced exclusively by Kaydian for the TV Bed Store has been popular since we started stocking it. And, at the price, we’ll think you will see why.

Next up, and staying with the market leader, Kaydian, there’s the Jetson. The Jetson is a full-on media bed, sub woofers, integrated speakers and USB points all come us as standard. It won’t surprise you that the crushed velvet in grey is the best seller right now.

Lastly, our very own bed, The Annency has proved to be very, very popular since we released it to the market. It’s hardly a surprise this bed has been such a hit though, as this bed comes dripping with tech and we think its the best priced full multi media bed, luxury TV Bed right now and, of course, it also comes in grey.



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