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Why are TV Beds so good?

Why are TV Beds so good?

Over the past few months, we have all been spending a significant amount of time at home, resulting in everyone looking at new ways to relax and enjoy our current living set-ups. Rearranging furniture, starting a new DIY project or painting a room a completely different colour have been prime ‘lockdown’ activities as we reconsider and revamp our homes.

Yet, have you ever thought about swapping your bed? With the addition of smart technology, a TV bed adds a whole new definition to your bedroom, and we’re not just talking about the added luxury of lying back and watching your favourite film in complete comfort.

With the biggest and best range of luxury TV beds on the market and years of knowledge, we like to think of ourselves as experts on the matter, so here, we break down the many benefits of a TV bed and how they can instantly benefit your daily life.

Smart storage.

First up, we’re stating the somewhat obvious here, you’ll save on storage. A TV bed is both minimalist and functional, which is a major plus point. Following the success of Marie Kondo’s rules of tidying, we all want our homes to be as clutter-free as possible.

Doubling up as a multifunctional bed frame, a TV bed offers in-built surround sound speakers and very useful under-mattress compartments, depending on what style you choose. So once you’ve finished your latest documentary or the game is over, allow for space in your room as the TV simply slots back into the footboard, causing no unsightly or unnecessary objects in your space. For those who like a neat home, trust us, it’s extremely satisfying.

Stay connected.

A TV bed is designed for modern living, to suit your needs and improve your general wellbeing. By cleverly combining your sleeping set up with the best in multimedia technology, you can stay entertained and connected from the comfort of your own bed – perfect for lazier days!

We’ve covered it all, from the latest subwoofers for the highest sound quality to mobile phone compatibility. There are even added USB chargers built-in, to keep you plugged into the outside world while you recline in comfort. The family zoom quiz hasn’t felt better.

The entertainment factor.

Now there is nothing better than relaxing and unwinding with your favourite series as you sink into bed. In fact, it’s such a luxury, that many of our customers compare it to a hotel stay at first!

You can be sure that the TV provided will suit all of your needs, here at TVBedstore, we test all the latest model TV’s to find the perfect fit for you. So you can lie back, delve into the latest documentary series (just one more episode) or enjoy lazy weekends with your favourite film. We can think of nothing better…

If you would like to discuss more about the benefits of a TV bed and what we can do for you, please contact us here – we’re happy to help.



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