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In Focus - The Paris

In Focus - The Paris

In Focus: The Paris Super King TV Bed

We’re extremely excited to announce a brand new addition to our TV beds collection,

introducing the Paris TV bed, a super king size option for all the family. Featuring the latest technology, streamlined design and, as you requested, extra storage. It is, quite potentially, the best media bed ever made!

An exclusive design to TVbedstore, the Paris TV bed offers fresh new benefits combined with our favourite features, perfect for those who are looking to upgrade or are searching for a TV bed that simply has it all. From technology, aesthetics and storage, we’ve highlighted why we think the Paris TV bed could be the perfect option for you.

One of our most technologically advanced offerings, the Paris TV bed features the latest tech additions available. First up and most importantly, the Paris holds up to a 43 inch TV, which sits inside the footboard, complimented with a 4.1 surround sound speaker system for a true cinematic experience as you lie back and relax in comfort. This special TV bed also has a built-in subwoofer for depth of sound and integrated remote control with adjustable bass, so you can get fully immersed in your latest docu-series.

In our increasingly connected world, you can also stay tuned in and remain online 24/7 if you like, with a strong Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and iPad, offering a luxury work from home experience, where, dare we say it, you don’t even have to leave your own bed!

The Paris will keep you charged too, whilst you’re closing your eyes and getting your rest for the oncoming day, you can charge up your devices simultaneously with built-in USB points either side of the headboard. Practically located for your morning alarm.


Finished in a deep grey fabric or plush blue velvet, the Paris is designed to fit seamlessly with your current interior decor. Both colour schemes are an ideal match with neutral hues and alongside contrasting bold, bright walls. The new quilted headboard is designed for extreme comfort whilst offering the crystal clear surround sound of the added in-built speakers. Lounge in style with the addition of a ventilated style mattress base, offering extra comfort and longevity.

Bonus tip: There’s no need for any extra speakers in your room, if you want to listen to music (minus the TV) simply connect your playlists to the speakers and enjoy the 4.1 sound quality.

Here at TVbedstore we thoroughly understand the importance of storage for the modern family. The Paris TV bed was designed with this in mind. The ventilated ottoman mattress base is installed with a newly created easy-lift system, lift and reveal a deep storage area. This underneath compartment area is perfect to store a sky box, extra bedding, whatever you may need. Keeping everything compact, tidy and clutter-free.

Explore more on our Paris bed here, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we’re always happy to help!



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