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Which TV Bed Frame is right for you?

Which TV Bed Frame is right for you?

Choosing a TV Bed Frame shouldn’t be hard. Here, at TV Bed Store, we pride ourselves on our accurate product descriptions, and of course our great product photography, but we wanted to put together this handy little guide for the common problems and questions we get asked by our customers.

Question: I want a TV Bed but I don’t want to compromise on space, which bed would you recommend?

Answer: Good question! The breadth of the type of TV Bed you can now purchase is extensive. It really is ‘pays your money and make your choice’ but the significant thing we have noticed in the last few years is the rise of the Ottoman TV Bed. These beds coming brimming with tech but means that you don’t need to compromise on space in your bedroom. Many of these beds, like The Jetson, come with full under bed storage.

Question: Can I use the TV I currently use in my new TV bed?

Answer: Yes! Most modern TV’s are pretty slim and will work nicely with most of our TV Beds. Most beds are restricted to a maximum of 43″ which should be plenty big enough for most bedrooms, even in a giant TV Bed. If in doubt, ask us!

Question: I am a gamer – do you have a TV Bed that will give me an immersive experience?

Answer: Then you need a media bed. Like the advent of the storage bed, the media bed comes brimming with things like integral speakers and even subwoofers. This should deliver an awesome experience whilst gaming or watching your favourite films. And (shameless plug!) you should probably check out The Annecy, our very own fully multimedia bed.



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