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What will beds look like in the future? The rise of the smart bed

What will beds look like in the future? The rise of the smart bed

We want to use this post to talk about what’s coming down the line. And we’re hearing more and more about Smart Beds. A smart bed, right now, probably means something like our TV Beds. Beds equipped with speakers and sub-woofers, with Bluetooth and fully enabled for your connected devices. But a smart bed could so much more than simply enable you to watch TV and listen to your favourite music in bed.

What is a smart bed?

The smart bed industry is still very much in its infancy but very much like the smart toothbrush, smart fridge and all the other ‘smart’ objects out there a smart bed would be connected to an app. This app could monitor your temperature, sleep patterns and heart rate — the possibilities are endless. Another possibility could be that your sheets could be automatically be adjusted for you as soon as you are either too hot or too cold. Unfortunately, the one example we have found of a smart bed that you can actually buy now will set you back upwards of £35,000.

The HiCan Smart Bed

Can you make a bed ‘smart’ right now?

We can’t see the price tag remaining so huge on smart beds for so long but judging by our experience of selling TV Beds will think it will take at least 5-7 years before the price point becomes truly accessible for most people. But what does the smart bed do that a TV Bed can’t do now? OK, we accept that a TV Bed won’t be able to change your sheets for you if you get hot but there are loads of apps available that can monitor your sleep patterns. And, do you really need a bed to change a sheet for you if you get too hot or cold? Of course, the really big benefit of a state-of-the-art TV Bed is that you can have a surround sound cinema experience from the comfort of your own bed and this can be easily achieved choosing one of our best sellers, like the Annecy.

Comfort, Style & Technology

Is our tagline and we believe the beds that we not only sell but, like The Annecy, also manufacture represent the best value for money you are going to get for a TV Bed. And though our beds won’t move your sheets for you (just yet) we always like to keep one eye on the future and will bring the best in class technology to you as soon as we think it’s ready.



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