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What is a luxury TV bed?

What is a luxury TV bed?

What is a luxury TV Bed? Here at The TV Bedstore, we pride ourselves on stocking the biggest and best range of luxury TV Beds anywhere but what makes the bed we stock so much better than our competition? The word ‘luxury’ can, of course, mean different things to different people but generally, the term should be synonymous with elegance and quality and it is that, in a nutshell, that separates us from the competition.

Most furniture is made in the Far East, but it is important to note that our key supplier, Kaydian, only produce their products in trusted factories with strong ethics and only the best materials. High-quality wood, and finishes like leather and velvet, really make the difference between a standard, run of the mill TV Bed and a luxury TV Bed.

Next up, if you think about the term ‘luxury’ is defined as exclusivity and quality, we really need to think about some the features that go into our TV Beds. And, it’s these things, we think that truly make a TV Bed a luxury TV Bed. Technology has moved on and is moving on all of the time. We’re at the forefront of this technological revolution and we have created what we, and many of our customers, say is the best priced multi-media luxury TV Bed on the market right now.

The Annecy comes packed with technology. Sub-Woofers, surround sound speakers come as standard. The Annecy also comes with full under bed storage which is operated by a whisper-quiet gas lift system. We are also offering this bed at a price you won’t believe.

And, you want to know what our customers think, please be sure to check out some of our reviews:


WOW. This is the second bed i purchased from these guys and i cant fault the products…AMAZING, SUPERB QUALITY BEDS.
As for the service, well i cant rave about them enough. Such a lovely team.
Stuart, Lee and Mark have been so brilliant throughout. Hats off to Mark though thankyou for all your help Mark and amazing service. It was great doing business with you guys.
These guys will always go out of their way to help you. Wish you all the best for the future…. Thanks again



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