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Welcome to the Titan 2

Welcome to the Titan 2

We thought Kaydian had reached perfection when they launched the Titan. A king (and Super King size) TV bed with 3D surround sound and all of the bells and whistles you want. But, now they have launched the Titan 2. So the Titan 2 won’t win any contests for the originality of its name but sometimes the sequel can be better than the first outing. Don’t believe us? ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ was a much better film than ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ and the Titan 2 is much the same, though it doesn’t come with a light sabre…

Rather think about what the Titan 2 has got it’s probably easier to focus on what it doesn’t come with. Laser weapons we know about — but this bed really is the most complete media bed on the market.

Market leader Kaydian really has pulled out all of the stops here. Let’s talk about the speakers first of all. Now, it’s quite usual for higher-end TV Beds to come with integrated speakers now but the Titan 2 takes the audio experience of being in a TV Bed to another level.

Firstly it’s 4.1 surround sound. This means, in essense, you are completely surrounded; for context 2.1 can be counted as surround sound but this generally means front and back, whereas 4.1 means quadrophonic. The tech doesn’t end there either, the sound system itself is high definition meaning you can watch a film or play games from the comfort of your TV Bed but get the sound experience of a high-tech (and high price) media kit. Of course, the Titan 2 also comes complete with USB charging on either side of the headboard as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

The Titan 2 isn’t all about the tech though. It’s about comfort too. In order for us to qualify a TV Bed as a luxury TV Bed, it’s got to tick a few boxes for us! The leather and fabric that go into the making of this bed are of the highest quality, soft and luxurious to the touch. This bed, to our mind, has got it all and we are proud to be the exclusive stockists of it. Initial feedback from our customers has been great and we know this will be one of our best sellers. Thanks, Kaydian, you’ve done it again!



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