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Was 'Love Island' the ultimate in TV Bed viewing?

Was 'Love Island' the ultimate in TV Bed viewing?

OK, so we have to admit that Love Island isn’t personally our thing but, we couldn’t help but notice that everyone seems to be talking about it! We won’t talk about the characters involved in it (honestly, we haven’t got a clue who they are) but it got us to thinking, is it the ultimate TV Bed view?

Firstly, if you wanted to watch it live, it was on in the evening. Broadcast at 9 or 10 pm, this is a perfect time to snuggle down in a TV Bed and watch your favourite show.

Then, there was the content — we’re told (yes we didn’t watch it!) that it had it all, sun, sea and the other thing. As well as drama in bucketloads. Also, judging by the number of people who watched it. A record 3.63 million people watched the final episode live, this isn’t counting all of the viewers who would have viewed it after the event.

But here’s the real reason we think it’s the ultimate TV Bed view. It’s because if you have a multi-media bed, and there’s two of you, only one of you needs to be watching it on the TV! That’s right a media bed, like the Annecy, comes complete with charging points for other devices meaning one sleep partner can watch the action on the big screen and the other, who may be less interested in Love Island, than the other, can watch or listen to something completely different.

So, if you love or loathe Love Island, Line of Duty or even the news at 10, a TV Bed can save the arguments about what to watch. OK, we admit that one of you might have to watch the action on a small screen but for the sake of a happy relationship, the series finale of Love Island, and a TV Bed might be worth it!



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