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TV's for 2021

TV's for 2021

If you are looking to instantly upgrade your living arrangement, technology is the smartest way to go for a quick and effective improvement. Constantly evolving, our phones, computers and TVs can now offer us more than we imagined a few years ago, from a cinematic experience to dropping you right back in the game, all at a single voice request. Thanks to advancing progress, we’ve never been so technologically gifted, seemingly with access to it all, directly from the comfort of our own beds, or indeed TV beds!

So whilst 2020 has called for us all to spend more time indoors, many more days than expected, at least we have had the latest home entertainment to keep us from going stir crazy. As we look to the future, with its uncertain possibilities, we thought we would take a quick scan at the latest and upcoming releases in terms of tech for the home, in particular, what is in store for TV’s. We love our TV’s, but there is no harm in seeing what is on the horizon! Here we’ve looked into the latest TV developments, so you don’t have to, ensuring we are providing you with the best of the best when it comes to TV beds.

OLED TVs As Samsung announced the end of manufacturing it’s LCD TV’s (the majority at the moment are LCD models) we will see a rise in new OLED models. With LG and Sony already putting out OLED models, but at an extremely high price, this will level out as OLED designs become the norm. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodes, and they produce the best picture quality we have seen. Firstly, the contrast is sharper, OLED provides the darkest blacks and pure, crisp whites, bringing a viewing upgrade to the film of your choice. Secondly, OLED screens can be flexible, yes that means rollable, foldable and even transparent bringing a whole new dimension to TV design. And for us, OLED TVs provide a new, fresh way to look at TV beds, with even more space for storage with increased picture quality – It’s all looking very impressive!

Micro LED TVs
Another upgrade for our viewing pleasure is the arrival of Micro LED displays. Offering a greater brightness to traditional LCD systems, alongside a longer life-span and lower power consumption. These Micro LED TVs use inorganic material, offering ultra-low black levels but with all-in-all higher brightness. With that technology, a micro-LED TV is guaranteed to take your next gaming session to the next level, with hyper-real colours, fine details and strong contrasts.

With the arrival of these two new screens, advanced screening processes and larger sizes now more in demand than ever, our home viewing and gaming is about to get a whole lot sharper, crisper and real. Combine this with the already progressive wifi syncing of Apple TVs and higher refresh rates of all new TVs that come on the market, we’re looking at a very exciting year ahead.



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