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TV Beds - the perfect sleep and relaxation combination

TV Beds - the perfect sleep and relaxation combination

TV Beds are now an affordable luxury. When TV Beds came on to the market they were expensive. The technology used to raise a TV out of the footboard of a bed was complex and costly and a TV Bed could have cost you north of £5,000 – MTV Cribs territory! Now, TV beds can be purchased for no less than a quality standard bed, which means a TV Bed is something everyone can afford.

So what are TV beds?

A TV bed is, in essence, a bed with a TV in the footboard. Designed with thought and care, at the touch of a button your TV will come out of the footboard and will allow you to watch, and obviously hide, your TV. However, a TV Bed is much, much more than than. Your TV Bed can become a media unit and also your ultimate sanctuary.

TV Beds are bursting with features

TV Beds now come with storage. Yes, that’s right as well as being able to watch TV in bed you can also use your bed as a storage feature. Known as Ottoman beds and Ottoman TV Bed gives you full, under bed storage at the touch of a button. Also, many TV Beds are now known as media beds. Media beds come with sub-woofers, and built-in speakers. Some media beds also come with under bed storage too!

Most popular TV Beds

We’re busy here at the TVBedstore at the moment! So here’s a little run down. By far our most popular TV Bed at the moment is our very own Annecy. When you look at the features The Annecy comes with, you’ll see why it’s so popular. Not only is it a full media bed, but it also comes with under bed storage, in a range of colours and materials and at an unbelievable price!



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