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TV Beds and why they're perfect for winter

TV Beds and why they're perfect for winter

Full disclosure: We think TV Beds are great any time of year, but we would say that wouldn’t we? However, we think when it comes to a TV Bed coming into its own it’s when the mornings are colder and the nights are longer. And the reasons, let’s be honest, are pretty obvious. When it’s cold outside you just want to be snug and warm and where are you snugger than in bed?

The good thing about the nights drawing in too is the quality of the TV suddenly jumps. Peaky Blinders came back to our screens as soon as it started to get dark at 8:30. Expect Amazon and Net Flix to up their box set game as we head in October.

But the real reason you might want to invest in a TV Bed whilst the nights start to draw in is that this might be the perfect excuse to revamp your bedroom. You see TV Beds, historically, we’re pretty basic. They were simply a basic doubled bed where a TV could be hidden in the footboard. TV Beds now, and especially the beds we offer are luxury items built with style, comfort, and technology in mind.

We’re proud to offer the biggest and best range of luxury TV Beds in the country. And, an investment in one of our luxury beds could be the perfect excuse to change up your bedroom this winter.

The Annecy multi-media TV Bed (pictured above) is our very own bed. After years of listening to what our customers wanted we knew which colours and features the market wanted. We also knew that our customers wanted speakers and subwoofers, at a reasonable price. But investing in a TV Bed this winter could be just the excuse you need to do that bedroom renovation you have been putting off. The neutral fabrics we have used for the Annecy work perfectly with a range of colours and is the perfect focal point for a luxury revamp. So why not make a TV Bed the focus of your new bedroom?



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