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Tips for choosing relaxing fabrics in your bedroom

Tips for choosing relaxing fabrics in your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven or relaxation and calm. And we think the type of fabrics, as well as the colours, you choose in your bedroom can have a big impact on how you feel and how you sleep. Of course, your TV Bed should be the star of the show, but here are our three fabrics for making your bedroom a true place of tranquility.

Silk is the ultimate luxury material. If budget is no object and getting a blissful and opulent nights sleep is paramount to you you should choose silk for your sheets and pillow cases. Silk sheets are glam, cool and light and can keep you cool when things get a little hot…

Wool will give you that natural feel to your rugs and throws and adds a touch of luxury of on a budget. In the winter wool adds that touch of warmth (literally and figuratively!) too. Imagine rolling out of bed and your toes touching the luxurious fibres of a quality woollen rug.

Velvet is pure opulence. A deep blue velvet curtain, for instance, will allow ultimate privacy and also act as a blackout blind, really useful, especially if your bedroom is west facing and it’s the middle of summer! And, if you want the ultimate luxury TV Bed, TV Bed Store is probably the right place for you. We have a great range of velvet TV Beds in a huge range of colours.

First up the Lyon. We think it’s one of the best Luxury TV Beds on the market right and, of course, comes in opulent velvet.

Next if velvet is your thing, check out the Barnard by Kaydian. Choose the Superking for the ultimate luxury TV Bed.



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