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Three reasons to invest in a TV Bed

Three reasons to invest in a TV Bed

We obviously want to give you some reasons to invest in a TV Bed. Yes, invest, a decent bed shouldn’t be seen as a cost but an investment. So we decided to look to science to back up our pitch to you. Of course, a bed isn’t a bed without a decent mattress (we also sell those too!) but here’s the science behind why investing in a good bed makes total sense.

A good night’s sleep aids your concentration. We all know what it’s like when you have had a bad night’s sleep, you can’t focus and you can even feel like you have had one too many! Depriving yourself of sleep can massively affect how neurons work, and it’s like they’re working ten to the dozen. Your decision making processes are massively affected making driving (and let’s be honest) simply functioning a real challenge. A decent Sealy mattress like The Casoli will help you get a decent nights sleep (it worked for us!).

Scientific research has found that being constantly sleep deprived changes your hormonal balance, causing you to gain weight because you feel less full. Is this why sometimes when you’re hungover you always want to eat a Mcdonald’s breakfast!? That’s right a decent night’s sleep can help keep the weight off too.

With quality sleep, your body gets the time it needs to properly rest and repair. A decent nights sleep means the proteins and cells of your immune system can detect foreign bodies and actively fight them off. Ultimately getting a full seven or eight hours will mean you not only feel more refreshed, but you’ll also feel (and be) more healthy too.

Lastly, the totally unscientific reason you might want to invest in a TV Bed is simply that they’re awesome.



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