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The ultimate guide to buying a mattress
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The ultimate guide to buying a mattress

Your mattress is one of the most important purchases in your home. If you think about it, you spend every evening in your bed, and you use it basically everyday, so finding the correct one to support, comfort and suit your needs is essential. It’s the difference between waking up refreshed or rising in the morning with aches, pains and potentially allergies! Though, we’re not here to add any pressure to this decision, we’re here to highlight its importance and offer our expert advice with the ultimate guide to buying a mattress.

As you relax,unwind and plug into the latest Prime series, comfort and support is key. Here at TV Bedstore we felt it was important to also provide a selection of the best mattresses alongside our technical TV beds, making your bedroom upgrade as easy as logging into Netflix. So to improve your posture, sleep hygiene and overall mood we’ve come up with this run down of our mattresses, making shopping for one online, just as easy as in real life.

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How and when should you buy a new mattress?

It’s important to change your mattress every six to eight years (we’ve explored the reasons behind this in more detail here ) so if you are on the lookout it is important to confirm what you are looking for, as your mattress will be with you for a substantial amount of time. As a starting point it is good to remember that there are three common types of mattresses: innerspring, foam, and a hybrid of the two, yet there is no particular style which is vastly better than the other, it’s all about your needs.

What is your go-to sleep style

Let’s think about you. Here you’ll need to recognise how you sleep. For instance, some mattresses are hotter than others, causing a temperature increase through the night. Naturally if we reduce our core temperature, which we do by staying still in bed, it helps us fall asleep, so we would recommend a mattress that offers a cool, regulated sleep for everyone. To avoid a ‘hot sleep’ you will need to find your particular sleep style, for many a cool room promotes a full, undisturbed night’s sleep. Whereas others need a walm, humid bedroom to help them drift off. Depending on which one you relate to, will help decide on the mattress. If you prefer warmth, opt for memory foam, which helps keep hot air and insulate, however if you prefer cool, go for an innerspring option, as this allows for air to circulate promoting a cooler sleep.

Secondly, how do you sleep?

In general, if you sleep on your side you will need a softer mattress such as memory foam to support your joints and hips. For those who sleep on their stomach we recommend a firmer innerspring mattress to keep your full body supported and cushioned. Then, for the majority of back sleepers, a hybrid of foam and springs is encouraged. It’s important to remember that the firmness you need also depends on how much you weigh and how many people will be sharing the bed (partners, occasional pets or children). From single right up to super king, we can guarantee we will have your mattress match

Unsure how you sleep? Note the position you wake up in everyday over the next two weeks, this will give you your overall preference as you should be able to spot a pattern.

What size should you opt for?

Size wise we offer single, double, king and superking, these are the standard UK sizes, making it easier for you to shop for your new bedding! These also happen to be the sizes of our TV beds, allowing everything to slot together with ease.

We offer many different styles, hand selected and tested by our team, available by two specialist suppliers and our very own trusted Webb Daniels styles. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Sealy Mattresses

A classic, trusted mattress maker, Sealy offers years of experience and development to bring you the best hybrid beds. Our Sealy selection includes traditional innerspring styles that have a familiar bouncy feel, combining firm support with comfort.

Let’s look at two of our Sealy favourites, at both ends of the price spectrum. The Pearl luxury mattress is ideal for side sleepers as it has a PostureTech CS system that provides support to your pressure points, ensuring you won’t wake with stiff or achy joints. It also has a zonal support which is designed to alleviate lower back pain, combined with memory foam, which moulds to your body offering comfort and support.

The Guernsey mattress has one thousand individual pocket springs for maximum comfort and support as you snooze. This mattress contains a zonal support system designed to alleviate lower back pain. The Guernsey also contains a gel infused foam that offers triple benefits of pressure relief, body support and breathability, finished with a plush quilted top and border.

Explore more Sealy styles here

Exclusive to TV Bedstore, Webb Daniels Mattresses

We’re very proud to offer these mattresses in the UK. Composed and crafted from carefully selected fabrics to provide full body comfort and support. With three styles available the Silva 1000, Scarlett 3000 and Serene 5000, they all offer a top layer of quilted gel foam for a supreme, lightweight comfort that you can really sink into. A bonus, the quilted gel layer is also sweat wicking, which helps you to not overheat at night.

Tailored for performance, the ultra comfortable Silva 1000 offers round the clock comfort. Whether you are catching up on sleep or catching up on the latest Netflix series, the Silva is cushioned for you. Available in double, king and super king size, the Silva has a 3cm base made from Flex support foam and F-joints, fitting the mattress together and increasing the durability. This is then topped with 16cm pocket springs at 5.5cm x 2.0mm to add evenly distributed bounce and support. For extra luxury the Silva is then topped with flex comfort foam and finally 2cm of quilted gel memory foam..

The premium Webb Daniels style, the Serene 5000 lives up to it’s name offering a comfortable, serene sleep experience. With a 3cm base made from PU foam and F-joints for compact corners. The Serene is then topped with 16cm 5000 soft springs to provide support throughout the day and night. This is then topped with 2cm of PU foam, 2cm of punched bamboo foam and finally 2cm of quilted gel memory foam.

Explore more Webb Daniels styles here

Milly Mattresses
The best for natural memory foam. Milly mattresses provide a high density, slow recovery foam that moulds to the body’s contours, relieving pressure points and providing correct underlying support. It’s key to remember memory foam options have less spring but they do offer much more pressure relief. To determine the quality of the memory foam, look at the density and thickness. This is what we did when choosing the Milly styles in stock.

Let’s look at the Bamboo Memory 1000 which offers all of the health-enhancing benefits of Bamboo Charcoal infused Memory Foam. Not only does this bed adapt to your body’s individual pressure points, but the properties of bamboo help to regulate moisture and odour, helping to keep away dust mites and other pesky micro-organisms that can call your bed home. A classic trait of the Milly brand, and a useful note to consider.

The nanocool Ice Fibre delivers a cooler, more natural sleep surface. With performance Memory Foam enhancing oxygen and blood circulation, combined with 4000 hybrid and X springs to deliver you the support you need to get a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep. A true sleep winner!

Explore more Milly styles here

One to one advice

If you have any particular questions or would like to explore the mattresses above in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help with your mattress queries or anything TV bed-related via our email, phone or social media channels.

If you have an allergy to any fabrics or bedding materials please contact us and we will see how we can help provide the right mattress for you.

You can also pay us a visit to our showroom to try out the mattresses and beds for yourself! We can guarantee it’s safe and COVID secure for our customers. Viewing by appointment is not necessary, but please be aware that we can get busy, especially on Saturdays, and we try to restrict the number of people in the showroom to keep our staff and you and your family safe.



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