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Fabric Trends for 2021
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Fabric Trends for 2021

fabric trends for 2021

As we welcome summer, we welcome a fresh new, hopeful season. If you are thinking of updating your bedroom, now might be just the season to do it. One of the simplest ways to refresh your room is by switching up your bedding and the fabrics in your room. From plush velvet beds to light cotton duvets, we’ve rounded up the latest trends to help you update your space in a quick sweep.

Inject a pop of colour

The trends we are seeing for 2021 offer an arrival of colourful options, to lift and lighten the mood. Yellow, one of the Pantone colours of the year, is always a cheerful option, which despite it’s bold, vivid tone, matches with surprisingly everything! Muted earthy yellow ochre, contrasts beautifully with neutral charcoal and greys. Navy and yellow offer a sharp, pleasing contrast, whilst white and yellow offer a clean, refreshing palette for you to lie back and relax in

Natural textures

Following on from our ongoing love of the Scandinavian style of Hygge, bringing the outside in still offers both design and mental benefits. From pronounced warps and wefts found in rustic checks and bamboos to light organic cottons – a natural, allergy free option for our cluttered homes.. This theme connects to the call for transparency in the world in which we live, and even more so when you opt for handmade, unique styles such a bamboo. A push for more eco-friendly habits is changing how we live – from everyday choices to life’s biggest milestones. There’s a shift towards more conscious connected decision about what we bring into our home. Great handmade fabrics are transformed by basket details, braided yarns for an extra rustic and grounded feeling.

A bonus point to this is that none of the patterns are the same because each piece has a significant touch. Natural textures connect us to the earth and allow us to feel in harmony with the world outside, even as we enjoy the latest docu-series.


A mainstay, this plush luxurious fabric outlasts any trend, and is an instant interior win. Providing warmth and depth of tone, this fabric offers practical elegance for your night to day slumber. We’re huge fans of crushed velvet here at TV Bed Store, in fact part of our collection, from TV beds to chairs are available in this rich texture . A velvet piece can provide a real centrepiece for your bedroom, and despite it’s rich, high quality texture, it’s not hard to upkeep. This soft, classic fabric is more durable than you think, and perfect when combined with the natural textures and bold colours above, offering an instant 2021 makeover for your bedroom.

Explore our velvet styles here.



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