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The top five films to watch in the winter

The top five films to watch in the winter

Here at TV Bedstore, we love nothing more than settling down to a good film, especially as the nights draw in. Of course, we would recommend that one of the best things to do would be to snuggle down in your TV Bed and watch the wind and rain blowing outside but we wanted to share the best films to watch and the nights get longer and the days get shorter. Remember, these are winter films, not Christmas flicks and here are our top five:

  • The Shining

‘Here’s Johnny!’ This film is nothing if not spine-tingling. This timeless classic about a writer who takes his family to a hotel in the hills closed for the winter is a horror classic. The benefit of being in a TV bed for this one is that you can hide under the covers.

  • Rogue One – A Starwars Story

If the wind is howling outside and the rain is lashing against the window, what better tonic is there than watching a Sci-Fi flick, with an awesome storyline? A team of unlike heroes team up with a single-minded plan – steal the plans to The Death Star — simple right?

  • Into The Wild

This tale of youthful adventure is based on a true story of Christopher McCandless who left his home in California to live off the grid in Alaska. Unfortunately, for Christopher, winters in Alaska are long and the summers are short and living in such an environment is not as easy and the protagonist thought it would be.

  • The Revenant

If you want to watch the cold but feel warm in your TV Bed, you could do worse than watching this Oscar-winning turn by Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo gets so cold he has icicles forming in his beard, has to fight a native American War Party and a very angry bear.

  • Doctor Zhivago

This a tale of a Russian Doctor (who also happens to be a poet) who falls in love with a politicians wife. Good idea? You’ll find out. It’s an epic film set in the middle of the Russian revolution with star turns by Omar Sharif and Julie Christie. It’s cold and long, perfect for a night (or day) in bed.

This list is relatively unscientific and is based what we (and our significant) halves like to watch when the weather gets chillier. But, we think, if you give them a try you’ll like them too.



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