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The next big things for TV Beds

The next big things for TV Beds

A TV Bed is just a bed with a TV in the footboard, right? Well yes, but now they’re much, much more. You may have noticed that the cost of decent enough audio equipment has gone down, right down. It’s possible to now buy soundbars for televisions for less than £100. This means pretty funky tech can be integrated into furniture at prices that are not going to break the bank. So, ladies and gentlemen — let us introduce you to the media bed.

What is a ‘media bed’?

A media bed is still a TV bed but let’s just say it comes with a few extra bells and whistles. A media bed, generally, will also have an integrated sub-woofer, as well as surround-sound speakers. Think of a high-tech living room TV and stereo set-up and take all those elements into one contained unit, which you can also sleep on.

The Annecy, our very own Multi-Media TV Bed

Who made the first media bed?

Kaydian were the first people to manufacture a high specification multi-media TV bed. Kaydian have been a household name for years and supply to some of the biggest well-known bed stockists, globally and, of course, our-selves. The Titan was Kaydian’s first foray into the media bed market place and it’s safe to say, it has been a roaring success. The Titan 2 is Kaydian’s latest offering and it’s fair to say they have improved on perfection! The feedback we get on all Kaydian beds is always really good and this one is no exception.

The Titan by Kaydian, the original multimedia TV Bed

Are media beds affordable?

Media beds, at one time, were cost-prohibitive. This is why we spent the best part of last year creating our very own range of luxury, multimedia TV Beds. Our flagship bed is The Annecy. And, since we launched it in July last year we have been overwhelmed by the positive reviews this bed has got. If you want something slightly more luxurious, The Lyon should fit the bill. Both beds come with ample storage space via the Ottoman feature and all the tech anyone would need.

The Lyon, the best luxury media bed on the market right now

If you have any questions about our media beds, or any of our other great TV Beds, please do get in touch.



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