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The best TV Beds with surround sound around

The best TV Beds with surround sound around

Once upon a time a TV Bed was simply a bed with a TV in the footboard, but have moved on a bit since TV Beds first arrived on the market. Firstly you don’t need to live in an MTV Cribs style L.A mansion to own afford one and secondly, technology has meant they are a lot more than simply a bed with a TV at the bottom. In fact, you could call today’s higher-end TV Bed’s a media bed. And, it just so happens we have created our very own line of media beds which, we think, will are the best value and some of the most advanced TV Beds with surround sound speakers around.

The Annecy, our very own Multi Media TV Bed

You see, having been selling TV beds for the best part of a decade we like to think we know a thing or two about what customers want, the latest tech and what is really going to work when it comes to designing and specifying and, we’re pleased to say it looks like we were right when we took the plunge to create our very own media bed. The Annecy (pictured above) was the first to hit the market at the end of June last year. We think it’s fair to say if you want a TV Bed with unparalleled sound quality but you don’t want to break the bank this TV Bed is for you. With 2.1 surround sound speakers and a sub-woofer as standard, this bed will take your viewing, gaming or listening pleasure to new heights. But that’s not all the Annecy is also an Ottoman bed which means as well as state of the art tech, you also get state of the art storage.

The Lyon Media Bed in crushed silver

The Lyon is slightly more luxurious than the Annecy and this is reflected in the price. The Lyon also happens to be one of the slimmest TV beds on the market. This means buying a TV Bed with surround sound speakers doesn’t mean you’re going to use up all of the space in your bedroom. One of the gripes some people have when it comes to a TV Bed is how much room they take up, especially in the footboard and of older media beds in particular. This gripe certainly won’t be there with The Lyon!

The Ardwick by the TV BedStore

If luxury is your thing and you want a bed in leather, look no further than our very latest surround sound multi media bed, The Ardwick. This bed is our latest innovation in creating the epitome of luxury TV Bed. It has all the best and whistles you would expect from a state-of-the art bed and comes beautifully finished with a rounded head board and sumptuous real leather finish.

So, if you are thinking about investing in a TV Bed with surround sound speakers, thing about the TV Bedstore.



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