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The best shows to binge watch this summer

The best shows to binge watch this summer

We all know that one of the best things about a TV Bed is, well, you that you can watch your favourite TV in bed! Whereas the weather may be variable this summer we know that what you can watch on the tele is looking pretty good. Here are our top five binge watches for the summer.

First up, Line of Duty. Who is ‘H’? We have to admit that Line of Duty didn’t really appeal to us but after watching series one, episode one, we were hooked. OK, there might be more anachronyms than you might care for but it’s pretty gripping stuff. Steve also dresses like a six-year-old at a wedding but get over that and you’ll probably love it.

Next, Game of Thrones. If you don’t like dragons or witchcraft, maybe stick to Line of Duty but if you want a lot of twists, violence and, of course, nudity then get on GoT. It’s now finished so you should be able to stream the whole series from start to finish. Some people thought the end was disappointing but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Russian Doll. The latest outing from Amy Poehler (of Parks and Recreation fame) is a far cry from her role as a federal worker. The premise is based on a ‘Groundhog Day’ concept. Poehler plays a character called Laura who dies on her 36th birthday, then wakes and re-lives the same event. It’s terrifying and funny in equal measures.

Chernoybl. This show has been voted by many people as the one of the best TV shows of all time. OK, the subject matter is a little bleak but it really is worth watching, just don’t expect a happy ending.

For something a little lighter, you may want to checkout Glow. This show returns for a second series and is based on the woman’s wrestling circuit in the 80’s. Expect lots of spandex and belly laughs. It’s perfect bubblegum binge watch material which will make you feel good and is perfect pre-bedtime viewing.



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