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The best beds for the ultimate gaming experience

The best beds for the ultimate gaming experience

We’re famous for our TV Beds, you’re not going to call yourself the TV Bed Store otherwise right? But, here’s the thing, TV Beds are not just for watching TV, they’re great for listening to music and podcasts but they’re perfect for gaming. And, with Call of Duty, Modern Warfare about to drop we’ll take a look at why some of the new media beds we have in stock are so good for that immersive gaming experience.

Firstly, let’s clarify what a media bed is. A media bed comes with integrated speakers and subwoofers. This delivers a fully immersive experience which is great for watching TV but especially for gaming. And after gaming on a few of the beds we have in stock right now, we have found the best TV Beds for your ultimate gaming experience.

The Annecy

The Annecy is our very own TV Bed. After years of selling other people’s beds, we decided it was time to try developing our own. In our opinion, The Annecy is the best value media bed on the market right now. 2.1 surround check, subwoofers, check. USB Ports? Check. And, all for a completely unbelievable price in Double, King, and Super King size.

The Titan and Titan 2

The Titan, by Kaydian, has been for a long time the byword in media beds. The first Titan comes with 3D surround sound and eight built-in, speakers. The Titan 2 goes one better, however with 4.1 surround sound and USB ports on both sides of the headboard. The Titan really is an awesome bed, and given all of the speakers will deliver the ultimate gaming experience. Both The Titan and Titan 2 come as a King or Super King Size.



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