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Spend your lockdown in Valencia
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Spend your lockdown in Valencia

This month we’ve chosen to focus on our much-loved TV bed, the Valencia. Available in an array of sizes, this sleek media bed is a bestseller for a variety of reasons. We’re here to tell you why we’re such huge fans of this all-in-one, plug-in-to-play design, and why it just might work for you as a TV bed option.

Size options
Spanning a range of sizes, the smallest Valencia TV bed available is as a single bed option, in fact, it’s the only electric single TV bed on the market! This size is perfect for guest rooms, children or even university students, as it is both compact and smart in its single size.
The Valencia is also available as a double or king-size TV bed, so you can treat the whole family to this series. With a deep under bed storage system, the double and king provide ample space for partners to both sleep and consolidate their storage. Tip: it’s a handy spot to store any extra seasonal bedding you might have. With an in-built TV at the foot of the bed and hidden speakers, all remotely controlled, the Valencia is as sleek and considered in design as most standard double and king beds.
Last but not least, the Valencia is available in super king size, for the ultimate in luxury. The largest TV bed size is designed for maximum space, lounge in style and sink into the latest docu-series with this Valencia size. The super king really does offer the closest experience of going to the cinema in your pyjamas!

Design details
Finished in a classic grey fabric, the Valencia has both a modern and timeless feel. With curved corners at the foot and a cushion rectangular headboard, designed for maximum support as you lie back and get lost in a series. The Valencia TV bed is built following the Ethical Trading Initiative with environmentally friendly products. Seamlessly fitting into your current interior design, grey is a neutral tone that compliments every colour scheme. From bright, bold yellows to clean, crisp white, there is no need to redecorate, the Valencia will seamlessly merge into your home and complement it, we’re sure of that.

Tech additions
Each size option of the Valencia TV bed comes with a built-in remote-controlled 32” TV, for maximum viewing pleasure, alongside strategically placed sockets and USB chargers so you can remain comfortable and connected. Take in the sound from the premium in-built speakers and simply plug in and play. To utilise the speakers, even more, you can even connect your phone/iPad to listen to your favourite playlists. To minimise any extra clutter, we have even added a compartment to safely store and charge all electrical devices, including your games console, laptop or phone.

To put it quite simply, the Valencia has it all and this is why we chose to stock this premium TV bed in the full-size range. To find out more about this design and how it can benefit you, please contact us here.



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