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Upgrade your Bedroom to a Smart Bedroom

Upgrade your Bedroom to a Smart Bedroom

With huge recent technology advances and trends, turning your home into a futuristic smart home is now a reality with devices like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home, to smart plugs and TV beds. The future is well and truly here, but unfortunately there are just as many faulty, subpar and outright junk products out there for every good device that exists. Below is our list of tech that can launch your bedroom into the future, embracing the best tech and smart features available today.

We’ll start with the hub of it all, the smart assistant devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These little hubs are the non-billionaires version of Jarvis from Iron Man. The morning routine is brilliant once setup, you can set your alarm and get a weather update along with your calender summary for the day, moving onto a quick traffic update for your commute. The smart hubs can double up as a mini speaker too, and quite impressive to say the least, so you can crank up your morning playlist to help you get out of bed.

Moving onto beds, theTV beds took the world by storm and are becoming more and more popular as we move into this era. What better way to tidy up your bedroom than remove the huge display off of your drawers or down from your wall and have it pop up from the foot of your bed at the simple push of a button. TV beds are a great way of hiding wires and tech for things like your TV boxes or games console, that would otherwise be on top of your bedroom surfaces or poorly hidden with little to no heat dispersion. A TV bed is a centrepiece to a smart bedroom, as it’s probably the largest piece of furniture in the room.

Let’s move onto lighting – you can now get light bulbs that connect to your wifi allowing you to dimmer the brightness, change colour and power them on/off either from an app on your phone or through your smart hub (Alexa/Google). The bulbs can be inserted into bedside lamps, ceiling lights or mood lamps around the room. If mood lighting is your thing, there are smart LED strips available, also linking up to your wifi, to offer a subtle line of lighting usually hidden in ceiling coving, behind headboards or anywhere you think would give a good effect.

Smart plugs next, these little things make a huge difference when you get used to using them. Those bedside lamps are a pain to reach the plugs, especially when you’re ready to go to sleep and you have to stretch behind the cabinet to try and flick the plug with the very tip of your finger. No more stretching with a smart plug, just plug them in and connect them to your smartphone app / smart hub and within minutes you’ll have full control over the plug socket and whatever is plugged into it. Now with the tap of a button or one simple command to your helpful assistant, you can delve into darkness or fire up the lights whenever you wish.

Finally, the last piece of tech for our smart tech list is the installation of electric blinds. These come in many forms, some you’ll have to buy entirely new blinds with the smart feature built in, but you now buy kits that attach to the side of your window wall and loop the blinds cord around the motor. It’s very simple to set up and within minutes you’ll be able to fully control your blinds from your phone. Next time you’re lying in your TV bed trying to watch a movie and the sun is blinding you or casting a light onto the screen, you don’t even have to leave the bed to close the blinds. Or if you need an extra helping hand in the morning as well as your alarm, work it into your morning schedule to open the blinds when your alarm goes off.

We hope you now have some ideas on what tech to install into your bedroom, most of which can be done with little to no knowledge of technology. If however, you’d like more information about how the TV beds work, then get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.



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