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Product focus - TV Beds with speakers

Product focus - TV Beds with speakers

We often get asked if you need to set up a ‘seperates’ system, like amplifiers and subwoofers, to add to the experience of watching your favourite movies and TV in bed. And, the answer really is it depends! We know that decision to buy a bed is rarely taken by just one person – it takes two to tango and that’s certainly the case when buying large ticket items like a TV Bed.

However, if space is an issue and, in fact, if you just want an awesome TV Bed, we would recommend looking at The Jetson Ottoman. This bed, not only comes with built-in storage, but this TV Bed also comes with speakers, but that’s just the start.

The Jetson is also genuine TV Bed Store exclusive. Produced by Kaydian, who we think is the world’s best luxury TV Bed supplier, this bed is the perfect blend of luxury, tech and storage innovation. As you might have gathered this TV Bed comes with state of the art speakers, but that’s not all.

The Jetson also comes with built-in subwoofers and USB points. This means you can charge your devices whilst you sleep or relax. The built-in media system also means you can play music via Bluetooth from your mobile or tablet device.

The best thing about this TV Bed with integrated speakers, for some, may not be the speakers! The integrated storage that the Jetson comes with is fully boarded for secure storage and also the full length of the bed. The storage compartment is also gas powered so no heavy lifting required.

We’re extremely proud to sell this bed exclusively. We’re also confident that you won’t find another bed on the market that gives you the technical or storage options for these prices. The Jetson comes as a King Size or Super King Size — we know you won’t be disappointed. The Jetson is one of the many reasons why we are proud to call ourselves the UK’s #1 TV Bed Supplier.



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