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Product Focus - The Jetson

Product Focus - The Jetson

The Jetson Ottoman TV Bed is one of our best selling beds and when you look at the specs for it, you will see why. Like many of our beds, The Jetson is manufactured by market leader Kaydian and these models are exclusive to the TV Bed Store.

The Jetson, in our opinion, is one of the kings of TV Beds, genuinely it has got it all. For the space conscious amongst us it has a gas lift ottoman base which offers full under bed storage. That’s a lot of storage for your money!

Next up, for the tech heads, where do we start with this one? Well we could mention the built-in sub-woofer, or we could talk about the integrated 2.1 stereo speakers or even the build in USB charging points — It’s jam-packed with tech.

Next, we should probably talk about the price. At the moment, we have reduced the price of The Jetson, and we’re fairly confident you won’t be able to get a better price for this bed on the market right now. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!



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