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Our guide to the scariest films to watch in bed...

Our guide to the scariest films to watch in bed...

All the apples have been picked, the leaves are falling and the nights are drawing in. Yes, autumn is upon us which can means the annual ghoul fest of Halloween is just around the corner. So what better to spook yourself silly (and avoid ‘Trick or Treaters’) than curling up in your TV Bed and watching a scary film? So, we have put together a list of the top five scary films of all time.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddie, the undead Child Killer may feel a little hackneyed now but this film is genuinely terrifying. With burns all over his face and razor blades for fingers, the terrifying Freddie will haunt your dreams long after you have turned the TV off and you’re trying to sleep.

Paranormal Activity

Why is this film so scary? When we go to bed we expect our sleep time to be a place of ultimate safety. This film is a masterclass in slow-moving terror. What’s that lurking at the bottom of the bed? Actually, you really don’t want to know…

The Blair Witch Project

This film might be have been parodied to death but there is no denying that this low budget horror flick is a genuine suspense thriller. If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…

The Wicker Man

This film comes with an amazing soundtrack and a star turn by Edward Woodward. A remote Scottish island community may look quaint but this place hides a dark secret. Classic British horror and amazing film making.


Space has long been a great sci-fi setting for horror. And, this 1979 film has truly stood the test of time. The special effects may look a little dated now but it’s the concept that most people find truly terrifying. A psychotic parasite growing inside you? True Halloween fare.

We can’t guarantee you won’t have nightmares but we can assure you we provide the best TV Beds on the market right now!



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