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Multi-Function Media Beds - your guide to the best

Multi-Function Media Beds - your guide to the best

We know TV Beds are great but actually you probably don’t want simply to watch TV in it. You’ll want a bed that is a multi functioning. You’ll want storage, you’ll want a good sound system and, of course, you will want luxury. So, here’s the low-down on the best multi function media beds that we stock right now.

King Size Storage in style

Our most popular TV Bed, by far at the moment is the King Size Annecy. When you look at the tech specs (oh and the reviews) we’ll think you’ll see why. For a start, the bed comes with full under bed storage which is a boon for the space-conscious. But, for tech-heads amongst us, you’ll probably want to know the tech specs? The product description probably says it all but let’s just say if a 2.1 surround sound speaker with a built-in sub-woofer and you want space for up to a 43″ TV then The Annecy is for you. The Annecy is no eyesore either and comes in either black leather, white leather or slate grey fabric. We’ve scoured the market to see if there is a more competitively priced, luxury multi-media bed on the market and we couldn’t find one.

The Annecy in white leather

Space Saving Chic with The Barnard

The Barnard has been in stock and selling well for some time. And though it doesn’t come with all the best and whistles of The Annecy it is the apex of luxury for the person who craves space-saving as well as the joy of watching TV in bed. We put together this handy little video for you to explain all of the features and benefits of this great all-rounder. The piston-powered Ottoman storage system and the attractive grey fabric make this bed a luxury TV bed classic.

The Barnard in grey fabric

The Byword in a luxury TV Bed with storage – The Lyon

If you’re looking for all the style and all the tech you need look no further than The Lyon. In terms of technical specifications, this bed boasts 2.1 surround speakers, sub-woofer and space for up to a 43″ TV but the thing that sets this bed apart is the finish. We’ve always been proud to be the biggest and best seller of luxury TV Beds in the UK but we think this bed takes luxury to the next level. The material on this bed really has to be touched to be believed. It comes available grey velvet or silver crushed (in King Size) and will add charm and practicality to any bedroom.

The Lyon in grey fabric

We hope this mini guide has helped you in you TV Bed journey but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.



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